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Interview: Michelle from Raw Jaffa

When it comes to Bucks Parties and Hens Parties, it seems like men get to have all the fun. It's nice to know that Michelle from Raw Jaffa is out there providing some good quality entertainment for the lovely ladies among us. Let's take a minute to learn a bit more about this unique Hens night activity.

Let's learn a little bit about your business and services you offer, can you give us a brief overview?
Picture this... a group of your closest friends, an artist to provide artistic flare, a nude model for your viewing and sketching pleasure, champagne and laughing till your sides hurt. That's the Raw Jaffa Experience! No matter the reason, Raw Jaffa provides a unique, sophisticated and entertaining environment for women to socialise. 


How did you get involved in the wedding industry?
A lot of our friends were getting married at the same time and a friend and I were struggling for anything different or new to do. We had been on 3 consecutive vineyard tours and knew if we were struggling to find options so was everyone else. So we started Raw Jaffa, we also wanted a place and activity that we could take my mum or grandmother too without being inappropriate or age prohibitive. (I really couldn’t imagine my mum pole dancing, hahahaha). 


Do you have any kind of underlying philosophy, that guides the way you approach weddings?
We live by the ideals / philosophy that life should be fun. A wedding can be a stressful time and your hens day is your last fling at singledom. So we just try and make sure that we provide an environment where everyone can have fun, laugh and enjoy their night out.


Do you have a unique selling point, or something that makes your business extra special?
Yes, we have naked men to draw.


In your opinion, what is it about your service that makes a wedding day extra special?
We make great pre-wedding memories and allows the girls of the wedding an opportunity to meet for the first time. Sometimes a hen will have multiple groups of friends and her hens day is the first time all of her friends will meet. So the hens day allows for a wedding day where everyone has met and makes for a warmer and more social environment.


We particularly noticed how nice the photos looked on your profile, is there an interesting story behind any of them?
It’s actually a group of my girlfriends, we had a pre-hens hens day for me and took some photos. On the testimonials page there is the below picture, she was the one of the shyest brides we have had and she didn’t know she was going to Raw Jaffa. After a slow start she had a great time, so much so that her bridesmaids felt comfortable enough to present her with a framed version of their group drawing all signed. It was a great gift to remind her of a great night out. 


If you could give one piece of advice to a bride (or groom) on their special day, what would it be?
Don’t sweat the small stuff and just enjoy the day you get..In the end its your memories that count.