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Interview: Emma from House of Loulou & Co

House of Loulou & Co offers some of the most beautiful Wedding Decorations I've seen for a while. Based out of Brisbane they have a unique way to make your big day extra special. Let's take a minute and chat with Emma to find out more...

Let's learn a little bit about your business and services you offer, can you give us a brief overview?
We are an event design and styling  business, offering complete design of your wedding or event, or help with bringing your theme together, using our own accessories or your own.  We have a large inventory of decorative accessories, which we have available for hire, for the bride who wishes to tackle the decorative experience herself.


How did you get involved in the wedding industry?
With a film and television background, I used to organise a lot of wrap parties and other premier events, then styling my shop front and store for my previous home wares business also friends and family were always asking to style their events, and I loved doing it, so this just seemed a natural progression for me.  If I am not creating then I am not living, its therapeutic for me.  My mother Angela is my business partner she is the same, she has over 30 years’ experience in retail, buying and styling, so it’s a perfect fit.


Do you have any kind of underlying philosophy, that guides the way you approach weddings?
We are not your cookie cutter wedding professionals, we like to work one on one with our client, getting to know their style, every wedding is different just like our clients,  at the end of the day it’s the memory of your wedding day, and we have a HUGE role in the creation of this for our Clients and their guests, that is always in the forefront of our minds.


Do you have a unique selling point, or something that makes your business extra special?
Yes, we are unique in the fact we don’t sell packaged weddings, you come to us with an idea of what you are after, and we create a story board of items and colours for you, using images, and we quote from that,  or if you are after something simple then we just quote it and you are on your way.


In your opinion, what is it about your service that makes a wedding day extra special?
We have a lot of contact with our clients prior to the wedding,  we form a relationship with them, they have an experience that is relaxing, they get to take in the moment,  which is the way is should be on your wedding day.  They arrive at their ceremony and reception and decorating is taken care of, all they have to do is just be in the moment and enjoy. 


We particularly noticed how nice the photos looked on your profile, is there an interesting story behind any of them?
There is a story with every one of the images we use.  They are someone’s memories,  we have had great clients in the past and lucky for us we have been able to send in photographer to capture our work on the day, which we often use for advertising or profiles such as this. 


If you could give one piece of advice to a bride (or groom) on their special day, what would it be?
Just stop and take it all in.  That’s why event design and stylists are an essential part of your wedding budget,  the day really does goes so by in a flash, you don’t want to spend your time wondering weather your flower arrangements look okay and if all the candles have been lit, or how to hang 50 paper lanterns. I am all about savouring the moment.