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Interview: Rstudios Photography

Rstudios Photography is based out of Ipswich and provides fantastic quality Wedding Photography for brides on their big day. Today we're going to spend 5 minutes to find out a little more about their business.

Let's learn a little bit about your business and services you offer, can you give us a brief overview?
I am based in Ipswich and shoot mainly weddings and portraiture which can include family, new born and maternity. Due to my location most of my work is in the western regions however I do cover the greater Brisbane area, north and south coast as well as the downs out to Toowoomba.


How did you get involved in the wedding industry?
Weddings were a natural progression for me. I started off mainly with portraiture and thoroughly enjoyed working with newborn babies and young children. I love working with people and I love to smile and these types of shoots always left me with a huge grin on my face. After a while a number of my clients started asking me if I shot weddings to which I would always say no as I knew other photographers who shot weddings and knew how hard they could be.  One day however a very good client of mine asked me to shoot her granddaughters wedding and I could not refuse. The big day arrived and it changed my ideology forever. The bride wore a constant smile that was intensely infectious and she was surrounded by happy and emotional people all morning. The whole house was filled with laughter, hugs, kisses and tears. You couldn’t help but join in! The groom was a bit of a larrikin who I had not met before and when I arrived at his house to get his pre-ceremony photos, our humour just clicked and within minutes we were talking like old mates. The whole day went past in a blur. I started shooting from 7am and walked back in my door about 11pm. I was shattered but I could not remember when I had enjoyed shooting something as much as I had that day. From that day onwards I put my efforts into weddings. Now I shoot mainly weddings and have enjoyed every single one of them!


Do you have any kind of underlying philosophy that guides the way you approach weddings?
Definitely.  Weddings are unique for each individual; they are a beautifully special time in a couple’s life and deserved to be treated as such. I want the bride and groom to remember their wedding with the same emotions, love and laughter that they shared on their day as they exchanged their vows. No two weddings are the same and that is why I always treat each one as a new experience. I always try to meet the couple and talk to them, to get to know them and to get to know what it is they want from their wedding. I want them to have the best day they possibly can and that means that my assistants and I are ready to capture the images with minimal intrusions throughout the day and with a constant smile. As I keep telling my assistants…..nothing is too hard!


Do you have a unique selling point, or something that makes your business extra special?
I believe that every photographer is unique and our style is primarily what makes us stand out from the rest. I want to show the beauty, the love, the emotion and the fun of the day and I want my images to reflect this. We put a lot of effort into allowing the day to follow its natural course and always encourage the bride and groom to let us know of any images they want and then couple that with our experience to produce the stunning images we create. Some people prefer the casual poses while others want something more formal. We are happy to accept the input as it lets the couple know that they have control over the photos they will get and helps them feel more relaxed. I don’t only want to work for the couple, I encourage them to work with me..

Our wedding packages also offer huge flexibility. We know how expensive weddings can be and also understand that not every one has a huge budget. For this reason we offer a number of different options that start with the ceremony and formal shots only and progress to a full day including reception. We then have a variety of product inclusions for clients to choose from including, albums, coffee table books, canvasses and acrylic wall mounts. Finally all our prices are fixed and are all inclusive so the couple knows that come the time for the viewing there will be no nasty little surprises!


In your opinion, what is it about your service that makes a wedding day extra special?
Our friendliness first and foremost and the fact that we will always go the extra mile to make sure that the bride and groom are smiling. In one wedding alone I was the bride’s personal assistant, the cleaner, the window washer, the secretary, the gardener and the handyman. I remember because we joked about it all day long. She was still smiling when I took the final image of the day of her and her husband walking hand in hand out of their reception. As I put the camera down she walked up to me, gave me a huge hug and thanked me for all I had done and said that if it hadn’t been for me her day would have been miserable. It makes you feel very special and makes it all worthwhile.


We particularly noticed how nice the photos looked on your profile, is there an interesting story behind any of them?
I remember every photo that I have added to the collection as each of them has a special story. If I had to choose one however it would be the image of Amy sitting on the floor looking up at the camera with her dress spread out around her. The weather really worked against us that day which was a huge shame as Amy and Roger got married in the quaint little chapel at Melaney and the reception was at Flaxton.  We had grand plans of using the stunning landscape as a backdrop to her photos however the whole day was one torrential downpour that didn’t let up. We headed over to the reception venue instead to use their undercover gardens and Amy wanted to check out the reception layout to make sure everything was in order. On a whim I decided to follow her in and have a look around. As soon as I saw the elevated area for the DJ equipment and the dark, rustic surrounds I knew exactly the photo I wanted. This is the result. As it turned out we worked well with what we had and the rain ended up easing off enough to let us get some great twilight shots in the mist to give a nice surreal effect to the photos. It just proves once again that no matter how bad things seems, a great opportunity is always there waiting to be found!


If you could give one piece of advice to a bride (or groom) on their special day, what would it be?
Smile, smile, smile and be excited, be happy and be carefree. This is one day in your life that will never be repeated. It is a day that you have spent months preparing for. Wake up on the day of your wedding and let it all go. Let it happen by itself. There is nothing more you can do. Too many times I see brides stressing because the flowers aren’t exactly as they should be, the cake isn’t straight, the dress isn’t sitting right, and the weather is bad. Let it go!! At the end of the day you will still be married to the person that you love and will be spending the rest of your life with. You can recall that day with fond memories of how much fun you had and how very special it was, or you can look back at how upset you were all day because of the trivialities. It’s your choice. If there are things that need fixing, field it out to your bridal party and let them deal with it. Alternately talk to someone who has been there before………..such as your photographer. More often then not they have seen it before and will know just what to do!


We're really excited that you've joined the My Wedding Concierge family, anything final before we sign off?
Thank you for allowing me my 5 seconds of fame.  I am always happy to talk to couples about their weddings to see how we can help make it an even more beautiful and memorable experience then it already will be. Send us an email r give us a call, we would love to hear from you!