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Top 10 Tips for Easy Weddings

There are literally thousands of weddings every year in Australia, and yet an astonishing number of brides agree that planning their wedding was one of the most stressful times of their lives! It’s not surprising when you consider what a huge logistical effort it is to co-ordinate all the different businesses and services, not to mention the wedding guests too.

With that in mind the purpose of this eBook is to help you avoid some of the pitfalls that can make planning a wedding a big headache.


Research is the key to happiness. The more pre-wedding information, ideas, and inspiration that you can get in your head the better off you’ll be. Take inspiration from anywhere you can find it, from weddings you’ve been to in the past, advice from others, TV shows, movies, celebrity weddings, magazines, and of course the internet!

The internet has made it incredibly easy to get amazing ideas for planning a wedding, and recently there are some particular web sites which are an absolute gold mine for the budding wedding planner.

Our top picks for wedding inspiration websites to check out are...

Pinterest logoPinterest
Pinterest is literally a website that’s designed to collect and organise all of your favourite stuff from across the web and store it in the one place. You can create different “boards” and organise your collection of “pins” into different categories such as wedding dresses, venues, decorations or anything feel that you might find useful.

My Wedding Podcast
Australia’s only Wedding Podcast is an amazing resource for people planning their wedding.

With weekly interviews from brides-to-be, wedding suppliers and industry experts, this podcast will make planning your wedding a breeze!

Brides will share their experiences to give you first-hand knowledge of what you need to ensure your day runs smoothly. Industry experts give you an insight into how professionals go about planning a wedding.

You’ll be able to view coverage from a range of wedding expos held all over the country, including interviews with exhibitors at the events. It’s like a TV series that’s all about weddings!

Facebook logoFacebook
Of course Facebook is probably the first choice for many people when they choose to go searching for ideas. With thousands of communities across the world dedicated to weddings, you’ll be able to like (or subscribe) to the ones you like the most and get an immediate flow of ideas every day.



Time is of the essence when planning a wedding. Some things can be organise fairly quickly while others need to be set it stone as soon as possible. Wedding venues are traditionally the most difficult because there’s a limited number of places people want to get married at, and all of the best places tend to be booked out months, if not years in advance!


So generally speaking the wedding / reception venue should be one of the first things that you lock in because there will be a limited number of times throughout the year that it’ll even be available to use.


This brings us to the next point which is organising various aspects of your wedding in order of priority. So as mentioned earlier you most likely wouldn’t organise the decorations before the venue because if you don’t have a venue locked in, it’ll be quite difficult to know what you’ll even need. Likewise any accessories that you might wear on the day will be organised after you’ve locked in the dress that you’re going to wear so that it will compliment your choices nicely.

While this seems fairly logical, when you have a list of 30 different things which need to be organised it can get overwhelming and become difficult to decide what needs to be done first. The easiest way is to make a spreadsheet list of everything that needs to be organised, and order it from most important to least important. Also make sure your list reflects which items are dependant on other things being organised first i.e. accessories being dependant on the wedding dress.

Making this list will be a huge help in knowing what needs to be done first, and you’ll find that the process of making this list alone will give you a natural understanding of how everything needs to happen and the task ahead won’t feel so intimidating.


The weather and environment should be considered when planning your wedding. Typically most people will plan a wedding when the weather is nicer for obvious reasons. However make sure that you consider what could happen on the day… Will you be inside or outside on the day? What is the dress code? Will people be too hot if it’s an outside wedding on the beach and you’re planning on a black-tie dress code?

Weather report

If you’ve decided on the specific time of your ceremony for an outdoor wedding, where will the sun be at that time? Will it be directly overhead and making you sweat? Or if you’re having a morning or afternoon ceremony, where will the sun be? Will the orientation that you’ve chosen mean that the sun will be in your eyes, or in your guest’s eyes?

Considering all of these factors will mean that you should be able to anticipate the conditions on the day with a high degree of accuracy, and plan for success!


During the course of planning your wedding you’ll be in contact with a huge number of businesses, weather it’ at a bridal expo or flicking through the yellow pages. You may talk to 10 different florists and over time it can become very difficult to differentiate between them all as the plans you told to the first florist may be quite different to what the 10th one hears. This means that their responses will all vary accordingly and add to the difficulty when trying to decide which business gave the best service/price/extras etc.

Compare wedding vendors

The key to solving this issue is actually built right into My Wedding Concierge and is one of it’s most useful features! Here’s how it works…

While you’re browsing the various businesses listed on the website, you’ll likely notice that you have the option to add that business to a shortlist. Go crazy with that feature and add all kind of businesses to the shortlist from all different categories if you like too. Don’t worry because they won’t get jumbled up.

Add to shortlist

Now when you click on the “view my shortlist” button you’ll see that all of the businesses you added have been automatically organised into their appropriate categories! So you’ll have a nice little collection of all the best wedding venues, dresses, florists, and cake makers etc. Now this is where you can really save some time.

Wedding shortlist

Simply select one of the shortlist categories you have, and then just click the “send mass enquiry” button…

You’ll be presented with a new enquiry window just like the ones you would have filled out if you clicked “send an enquiry” on an individual business.
The difference here though is that this enquiry will be sent to EVERY business that you’ve got in that shortlist!

That means that all of the wedding venues (for example) in your shortlist will receive that exact same enquiry information from you, therefore allowing you to directly compare their responses when they send you a response.

 Talk about saving time!


Did you know that the average cost of a wedding in Australia has gone from $30,000 to over $50,000? Not only that, but everyone knows someone who has been married and experienced their original wedding budget go out the window by the time they’ve walked down the isle.

Set realistic expectations for the various aspects of your wedding, and make sure that you are comfortable with your budget. When the cost of something escalates further than you expected, be prepared to cut it back, compromise on something else, or cut something out altogether.

It’s a tricky thing to manage with so many things that need to be paid for, but the key to not getting stressed out is maintaining a relaxed state when dealing with finances, being mentally comfortable with spending a certain amount, and not getting emotionally attached to non-essential aspects of the wedding.


Have you ever been to a wedding where the entertainment was totally inappropriate for the wedding guests? I have and it’s a big shame when it happens. There are many different choices when picking wedding entertainment, but always make sure you pick whichever option is going to be enjoyed by the greatest number of guests.

Wedding dj

If your guests are older and more conservative, a techno DJ probably won’t go down so well. Remember that if you don’t want the dance floor to be empty, then pick entertainment that the majority of people will like.


It’s inevitable that something won’t go 100% according to plan. With so many wheels in motion it’s almost inevitable that there will be a few hiccups here and there. If they only present a small issue then it’s probably best not to worry about it, but if they could potentially derail the entire event, then you should always have a backup plan ready to go if needed.

Wedding backup plan

To use the example of the outdoor wedding again, it would be a smart idea to have some kind of alternate plan if it starts to rain suddenly. Even if it’s something like having spare umbrellas handy if needed, it’s better than having everyone standing around getting drenched.

Always remember that the best backup plan is the one that never gets used, and the worst backup plan is the one that never existed.


It’s easy to get fixated on the mental image you have of your wedding day, but the reality is that unless you’re Oprah, there will probably be some aspects which don’t pan out the way you expected.

Be flexible

During the planning phase be prepared to take on advice from other people, and the industry experts who will be helping you organise the various aspects of the day.


Remember that your wedding day is a celebration of your union to the person you love. Be happy and enjoy the day, and don’t be upset if something doesn’t go quite right. After all, when the day is over, do you think people will remember if the limousines didn’t turn up exactly on time, or will they remember how wonderful it was to be there when you got married.

Stressful weddings

So the last point is, don’t stress out over little things, enjoy the day, and create amazing memories that you’ll never forget.

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