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Top 10 Wedding Rings for 2013!

Recently we held a photo voting contest on Facebook to decide which wedding ring was loved by brides more than any other in 2013. The results certainly proved that diamonds definitely are still a girls’ best friend, but which ring took out the top prize?

Wedding rings are a pivotal aspect of any wedding and it’s not surprising that when it comes to the ring (or the stones set in the ring) bigger is often better. But it’s not all about size you know. For most women it’s all about style and quality too, as the ring is much more than just a statement of wealth but a statement about your personality and style.

Our Facebook voting app started off with 30 different wedding rings, and entrants had the opportunity to cast a vote on to any of the wedding rings that they liked, as well as the option to add a photo of their own ring if they felt they had an example which deserved the top spot.

With that in mind let’s count down the 10 most popular wedding rings for 2013 as voted by you!


This square cut engagement ring and matching wedding band are both very impressive and at the same time understated. Certainly the diamond at the heart of the piece is very impressive but the ring doesn’t feature too much additional “bling” which might cause it to look a little over the top.


Tacori have certainly won a few fans with this piece featuring a solid looking band surrounded by decorative diamonds, and the main stone which literally bursts outward from the top of the ring! A definite statement piece and not something which many would consider subtle, but it’s sure to get noticed. Pay special attention to the detailing around the edges of the ring which add another dimension to this amazing wedding ring.


This gorgeous ring features a more subtle design in the way the diamond is placed, as well as the surrounding detailing as well. With a concentric ring pattern making up the band, the outer edges feature fine detailing which is finished with numerous smaller diamonds for extra sparkle.


Circular cut and with multiple smaller diamonds set along the outside of the edge, this more traditional ring proved to be a favourite among many.


This was a very interesting entry purely because it was so different! A gigantic yellow diamond is inset within no less than 20 small diamonds. But that’s not all, the band features numerous smaller diamonds as well making this a serious head turner!