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Food and Wedding Bells: Catering Alternatives for Your Reception

The bride and the groom may be the highlights of the wedding, but food takes the centrestage when it comes to the reception. Just like in any event, you need to make sure your guests enjoy the food you’ll be serving. Everything from the entrée to the main courses up and desserts should undergo meticulous planning and preparation, so your guests can enjoy the food while revelling in the occasion.

The cake may be the crowning glory of the reception, but the dishes on the table will determine if the party’s a success. Think about different ideas, from traditional to modern ones. An eight-course meal can be great for a conventional wedding, but other couples prefer hiring a food truck to serve the food. Our wedding planners can help you look for a catering company that will help you make sure of serving up tasty delights your guests can enjoy. They can advise about the following menu arrangements:

Waiter Service

A banquet hall filled with tables with their own centrepieces can be great for a wedding for big families. Depending on the arrangement, your guests can sit on their preferred places or follow a seating plan. This is best, if both the bride and groom’s family would like privacy as they eat. Waiters can serve each table at the beginning and end of each course.

Food Stations

Encouraging interaction and socialisation can be possible through the setup of the food stations. Each table can focus on providing a specific type of food. One station can give guests cold cuts and sandwiches, while others serve meat and fish dishes, as well as fruit and vegetable platters. Guests can chat with each other as they line up, making your guests move around and get what they prefer.

Eco Menus

People are more conscious about what they are eating these days. Organic food is now more preferred, due to the reported health benefits not enjoyed with processed food. Coordinate with your caterer on how you’ll be able to make sure you get ingredients from suppliers known for organic farming. This can suit guests with specific preferences on what they can eat.

Banquet-Style Meals

Arrange for your guests to sit in long, rectangular tables to maximise chances for conversations. They can talk to the ones beside or in front of them as they eat. Place large servings where guests can take their own food. This can promote a lively and vibrant atmosphere, making it a more interactive event for everyone.

Great food makes guests comfortable and more likely to mingle around. Plan a menu of dishes that will satisfy the appetite of your guests. Find out what they like best, so you can make your wedding reception fun and memorable for them. Check out your catering options with My Wedding Concierge. Contact us today, so we can start helping you organise your wedding from the venue to the reception.