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Real Men Don’t Run, They Call In A Bomb Threat!

We’ve all heard the stories of runaway brides, who get cold feet at the very last minute and leave the groom (and everyone else) standing at the alter haven’t we. Well when men do it, they do it with all the manliness of an action movie, pulling out all stops to cancel the wedding as Neil McArdle from Liverpool did.

Neil McArdle photoOn arguably one of the most important days of his life Neil realised that he had forgotten to fill out some apparently very critical forms which were required in order to marry his wife prior to the wedding day. Not wanting his beautiful bride to realise his gigantic failure and ruin her day, he instead opted for a more creative alternative which would leave everyone blameless.

Neil swiftly left the house and made his way to a nearby phone box, where he disguised his voice and called in a bomb threat on their wedding venue. “This is not a hoax call. There’s a bomb in St George’s Hall and it it’ll go off in 45 minutes.”

At the time the Boston Marathon bombing was only 11 days old so understandably the reaction from authorities was swift and significant to say the least. With the venue evacuated and police, ambulance, helicopters, and bomb squads swarming over the scene, the bridal party quickly realised that their wedding would not occur that day.

Those pesky in-laws ruined Neil’s plan though and were immediately suspicious of the groom-to-be accusing him of calling in the bomb threat (perhaps something similar happened when he forgot her birthday).

Ultimately police traced the call and McArdle was pinned with the crime and plead guilty, attracting a 12 month prison sentence. In a testament to their love McArdle’s bride stood by him despite his failed “Jason Bourne” escapade and they are still together.

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