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Shooting a Special Video to Show on your Wedding Day

Wedding videos are fun to organise. You can set them up to document the days leading to the wedding, and record the event itself, including the reception afterwards. This provides you footage of one of most special and memorable occasions in your life. Create a video you can proudly show your kids or grandkids. Combine it with a nicely designed assortment of pictures and you’ll have a fine set of wedding mementoes to keep and treasure through the years.

Videographers offer many options you can take into account for the big day. One good idea is to capture a video of the proposal. You can choose to show this during the reception as a surprise for the bride. It can also be part of the footage in the wedding video. Discuss with the videographer about the type of recording you want for the occasion. You can plan a custom video or choose from the following types:

A ‘Love Story’

Reenact the day you and your partner met or create a scenario, which shows how you both felt the spark. Experiment with different themes, from vintage to punk versions. You can also choose a movie’s premise. Some couples like Julia Roberts’ Notting Hill or Star Trek, depending on their taste and personality. Any costume you’ll wear should suit your theme to make a truly striking video you can show at the reception.

Photo Montage

Take your best-looking pictures as a couple and feature it in a video. Make them fit into the theme. You can show the pictures one by one to go with a suitable melody. It can be a mellow or non-traditional song, as long as it fits the pictures you’re displaying. It’s important that you time the appearance of each picture to the highs and lows of the tune. This way, the montage will look nicely done.

Concept Video

Think of a word or phrase that fit you as a couple. This can be the premise, which your concept video will revolve in. You can shoot this in a documentary style, detailing the arrangements you’ve made for the occasion. It can also be a light-hearted parody, showing you and your partner having fun in creating the ‘perfect’ video.

Check out different video ideas to use for your wedding. Choose among different types and discuss which you both like for the event. Contact us to arrange videography services. We’ll work with you to create a recording that will capture your special moments.