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2013 Grooming Trends for Grooms

The bride always gets the most attention when it comes to wedding day beauty. It’s the groom’s special day as well, and all eyes will be focused on both husband and wife during the ceremony. Grooms-to-be, here’s how to look dashing on your big day.

The Professional Stylist for Men

Nothing will make you look dashing than a perfect cut, shave, and professional styling. Have a cut a week before the wedding day with a follow-up visit the morning of the wedding. Go with your personal style, as there’s no reason to risk falling out of your element at the last minute. Go to a men’s salon, hire a stylist, and have a pre-wedding get together with your groomsmen and best man. This way, you won’t be the only one in the group looking dashing on your big day.

The Male Engagement Ring Movement

The male engagement ring movement is a trend that won’t die. Many grooms resisted getting behind the trend. They think of it as a marketing scheme to get couples spend more of their money on jewellery. This, however, isn’t the deal. Wearing an engagement ring is wanting to publicly reciprocate your dedication to your fiancée. After all, if she’s wearing a ring, why shouldn’t you?

The Perfectly Tailored Suit

Today’s groom is all about style, individuality, and the ability to look as fabulous as the bride. Gone are the days of rented suits. Getting the fit perfect is important, especially if you have a prominent feature, such as thin legs or muscular arms. You, along with the entourage, should try the outfit a couple of weeks before the big day. Move and dance around it to make sure it’s perfectly tailored.

Never before have grooms injected so much personal style and grooming into their wedding day look. Weddings are for both the brides- and the grooms-to-be. You’ll want to feel and look your best just like your bride for this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Browse our page to see a range of service providers who can help you prep up for the wedding day.