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Wingman and Bro Duties: Being the Best "Best Man" for the Groom

Unlike the Hollywood movie "The Hangover," a best man's job involves more than just throwing an epic bachelor party that the groom will never forget. Nowadays, both the bride and groom play an important role in planning their big day. Your job as the best man is to be the leader of the support team and be your friend's wing man. Among all his friends, he chose you to stand by him on the most important moment of his life, so you should be prepared.

As the best man, you'll be the right hand man for the groom, so it's important you keep to all your duties and help your buddy through the most important part of his life. Here are some of your most important duties:

The Bachelor Party Organiser

One of your biggest responsibilities as the best man is to throw your friend a great bachelor party. The bucks and hens party is the last chapter your friend will have in the story of him being a single man. The party doesn't have to involve strippers and getting drunk, though. Whether you go skydiving, go to a casino, or go bar hopping, the important thing is that the groom and his friends are all there to celebrate and help prepare him for the big date.

The Suit Bearer

Another thing you should do is help not just the groom, but all of the groomsmen to get on the "Best Dressed" list. This is a simple task that'll include you and the rest of the groom's party renting tuxedos and making sure everyone gets theirs measured and fitted. Weddings are formal events, so you'll want your whole group to look polished and stylish.

The Co-Ring-Bearer

At the ceremony itself, you will be responsible for probably the most important of wedding symbols: the wedding rings. After the ring bearer walks them down the aisle, you'll have to hold on to it until it's time for the ring exchange.

The Gentleman

You may not realise this, but you're acting on behalf of your friend, the groom. As such, you'll want to do your part in keeping everyone happy and entertained. This includes mingling and dancing with the guests, and making sure everything goes smoothly.

Being asked to be the best man is always a great honour, as it's not every day that the title "best" gets bestowed upon you. It shows that your friend or relative values your relationship, and that you're his go-to guy. And now, he needs you to be his point person during this special event.

If you need help in getting ready for your duties or in planning part of the wedding, click here to start planning your wedding day - we'll be glad to be your wing man!