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Trinkets for a Special Day: Wedding Jewellery for the Bride

Pulling all the stops to make your wedding day perfect involves arranging every detail to perfection. This includes getting all dressed up for the moment you'll walk down the aisle. You have to choose a beautiful gown that will make you look and feel great. The dress will look better, though, if you have the right accessories. This makes your choice of jewellery important.

Although jewellery is a matter of personal preference, there are some pieces that you associate with weddings. The cool purity of pearls, for example, brings to mind a romantic wedding. There's also the elegance of a diamond's sparkle that complements a bride with sophisticated taste. The refined quality of white and yellow gold also remind us of the wedding vows about to be said.

Find inspiration from famous personalities celebrating their union. This will give you ideas about great-looking jewellery you can wear on your big day. Check out the following stars and the accessories they wore on their wedding:

Katie Holmes: Timeless Sophistication

Precious gems with diamonds make an elegant statement. On the day of her wedding, Katie Holmes wore a round-cut pair of sapphire stud earrings surrounded by a pave of small diamonds. Her engagement ring also takes centre stage with her wedding band. The gorgeous oval-shaped diamond on a split-shank band pairs well with the bride's ivory silk Armani gown. The classic look fits the radiant bride as she celebrated her big day.

Kate Middleton: Tradition All the Way

On her engagement to Prince William, the future Duchess of Cambridge received an oval-shaped sapphire ring with a diamond cluster. This fine piece was Princess Diana's engagement ring as well. The couple followed tradition when Kate wore a simple gold wedding band made from Welsh gold.

Following tradition is a practice we still uphold today. Follow Kate's example and stick to heirloom jewellery for the wedding.

Gwen Stefani: Uniquely Romantic Style

Carry your sense of style on the wedding carpet like Gwen Stefani. The rocker bride wore a custom-made Dior silk organza dress with the bottom half dyed pink. She looked stunning with the bright pink train trailing behind her.

Display your personal fashion taste like Stefani. Her wedding bling also reflected her unique taste, as she had a diamond ring shaped like a heart. This is a romantic yet unusual choice, as heart-shaped rings are not as regularly seen as other cuts.

Get married with great-looking accessories that match your gown. Check out different choices as you fit your dress for the occasion. Start your styling today at My Wedding Concierge and check out our extensive range of fine wedding jewellery providers. If you can't find the perfect piece to complete your wedding theme through us – chances are it just doesn't exist!