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Is planning your wedding giving you a high blood pressure? Is it keeping you up at night worrying about how many different phone calls you'll have to make during the week, while juggling work, family, and your own sanity? Don't worry you're not alone, many brides experience serious anxiety because the reality is that planning a wedding is a massive undertaking.

The good news is that now there is a much easier way to go about planning your special day. It takes away a lot of the time wasted on the phone, and also delivers great value for money across a wide range of wedding related businesses. It's called My Wedding Concierge.

freakHow many times do you hear people complaining about issues relating to various aspects of planning their wedding. It seems that nobody on the planet has an easy and stress free experience while performing this task. Here are some of the most common complaints:

1. I waste countless hours on the phone telling businesses the exact same story over and over, just to narrow down who I want to spend my money with.
2. It is so hard to compare different businesses, and decide who I want to choose.
3. Prices seem to get immediately inflated for certain services as soon as you mention the word "wedding".

Enter My Wedding Concierge...
My Wedding Concierge is a wedding planning service like no other, because it literally solves all of these problems mentioned above!

Instead of sitting on the phone telling your story over and over to different business, why not tell them all the exact same story and the same time? "How is that possible" I hear you ask... When you visit My Wedding Concierge, you can quickly search for businesses in your area and make a short-list of the ones you'd like to contact. Then as easy as the click of a button, you fill out a form with all the important details about your wedding, and send that enquiry to all of those businesses at the same time! After that it's simply a matter of sitting back, and waiting for them to contact you in relation to your enquiry.

Because each of the businesses selected receives an identical copy of the enquiry at the same time, they'll all be responding to exactly the same thing. You don't have to worry about accidentally forgetting to tell on of the cake makes how many guests will be at the reception, because it'll all be written down in the enquiry. You'll receive responses from the businesses, and you'll be able to quickly decide who you like best! Do you like one business because they responded the quickest? Or another because they gave a more competitive offer? Or even another because they had a premium quality product that you were looking for? Being able to look at their responses side-by-side is a huge time saver, and takes a way a lot of the stress experienced during planning.

logo-long-whiteSAVE MONEY
When a business receives your enquiry, they'll know that a few others have also received that same enquiry too. They understand that you'll be directly comparing their response against the other businesses you've selected. 
It's that competitive environment which ensures that businesses will respond with something that you'll find attractive. If they don't then it'll just make your choices that much easier!

My Wedding Concierge is simply the best way to go about planning your wedding because it simply solves so many problems, and is a great way to avoid stress. I invite you to try My Wedding Concierge today, and see just how easy it is to get the information you need from businesses, and organise your wedding in a fraction of the time.