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How To Create A Great Gatsby Wedding Theme

Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio starred in Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby, the gorgeous style and romance of the period has steadily infiltrated many social events, and weddings are certainly no exception.

With more and more people striving to recreate that same romance and sophistication, we thought it would be a great idea to put together the Best Tips To Create A Great Gatsby Wedding Theme!

In order to effectively recreate the Gatsby style it’s important to have a good understanding of the characteristics of the style. The film was set in 1929 during a time when the style known as Art Deco was flourishing. A simple Google Image search for “Art Deco” will instantly reveal images which match the Gatsby theme.

great gatsby wedding characteristics

The style as a whole was characterised among other things by the use of rich and vibrant colours, geometric shapes, and luxurious ornaments and finishes. You’ll find the Art Deco uses sunburst motifs, zig-zag patters, chevrons, and generally symmetrical patterns.

The wedding invitations are going to set the tone of your wedding day and so of course need to make it very clear as to the intended style. This makes your font choice critical as it will instantly communicate to people the theme of the wedding. The font called “Atlas” is what was used on much of the material to promote the movie and will instantly create the connection for your guests that this will be a “Great Gatsby” themed wedding.

great gatsby wedding font

If you’re trying to specifically emulate the Gatsby style then simply studying the advertising material which accompanied the movie’s release. To create that luxurious, opulent feeling concentrate on simple combinations of black and gold especially when creating your wedding invitations, and the colour scheme of the venue and table decorations too.

Embellishments and detailing on many objects will also help to flesh out the “Gatsby Wedding” theme. Consider using strings of pearls, lots of shiny bling for women’s accessories and even including them on elements of the venue such as table decorations, chair coverings, jewellery, and the wedding cake itself.

The “Flapper” look is all about the right combination of material and accessories. Slimline dresses can be made out of silk and lace, together with detailed headbands all of which should of course include pearls, feathers, lace, and some shiny blin.

great gatsby wedding dressgreat gatsby wedding dress 2
great gatsby wedding shoes

There are many different wedding hair styles which will look great with the Gatsby theme, but typically they tend to be a short, bob-style with close co-ordination with the headwear and accessories.

great gatsby wedding hair style 1great gatsby wedding hair style 2

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