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Wedding Shoes: Best Tips for Choosing the Right Pair

So much has been said and written about choosing the right wedding dress and having the perfect makeup and hairstyle done, but only few pay close attention to the shoes worn on the big day. Many brides don’t give them much thought; some even make the decision on the last minute.

Important as it is to find a gown that flatters your body, it’s equally important to choose a pair of shoes that complements your dress and are comfortable to walk in. Remember, everything you’ll be wearing on your big day needs to be special. From your dress and hair and makeup to accessories and shoes, everything must be perfect.

We’ve rounded up the best tips to help you make the right purchase:

Shoes First, Dress Later

It’s a tradition; every bride-to-be heads directly to the seamstress after saying “Yes!” to the big question, getting measured for their wedding dress. According to wedding experts and some brides, however, it’s better to buy your wedding shoes first before a fitting. The reason? During dress fittings, the seamstress will be determining the proper length of your gown. Bringing your wedding shoes to this event ensures your tailor will get the perfect length.

Say No to Sky-High Heels

It’s easy to fall in love with a stunning, shimmering pair of skyscraper heels, but chances are you’ll end up despising the pair come your wedding day. Remember, you’ll be walking down the aisle, standing for photographs, and dancing the night away in your shoes. If you don’t want to slip, or worse, fall on your big day, avoid sky-high heels at all costs. Look for a comfortable pair that is to walk in, yet stylish.

Shop at the End of the Day

Most people develop some sort of swelling in their feet at the end of the day—which is normal, according to science. To avoid getting shoes that are too tight, shop later in the day. Bring a friend or relative with you, so you can get a second opinion.

Everything you wear on your big day, including your shoes, deserves careful thought and consideration. If you need help, contact us. We’ll help you find services to ensure you look ravishing from the moment you walk down the aisle until you drive off into the night for your honeymoon.