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A Wedding Dream turned Total Disaster: Mistakes Brides should avoid

We all want to have that dream wedding where everything is right in its place – from the arrangements on the seating chart, the cocktails for the reception, to the smallest details of your floral décor. Not all things, however, may turn out as you want them to. Even with months of careful planning, your dream wedding can turn into a total disaster with small mistakes here and there.

To make sure your wedding will be the special day you've always been dreaming of, here are some mistakes you should avoid:

Keeping All the Planning to Yourself

It's good to keep everything in check, but keeping all the planning to yourself will eventually take its toll on your patience. You might miss certain details during last minute changes, which only adds to the stress of planning. To avoid panicking during the big day, delegate some of the big projects to other people. Ask for help from your bridesmaids or close family members during the planning stage, so you don't have to worry about everything when the big day finally arrives.

Being Too Perfectionist

It's normal for a bride to want her wedding to be perfect. Too much of this perfectionism may only add to your pre-wedding jitters, though. Many things can happen on your wedding; some of these you might not even have control over. The secret to making your special day a more memorable and happy affair is to let the day flow as best you could. Don't get stuck on fretting about every minor thing when you're supposed to be enjoying yourself with the love of your life.

Bottling Up All the Emotions

There's nothing wrong with letting go of all the emotions during your special day—no one's going to stop you if you start tearing up on the dance floor when you're having the last dance with your dad or embracing your mum for all the support. Sometimes, these heart-wrenching moments are the ones that make your wedding all the more unforgettable.

Your wedding is a special moment you want to remember by with happy memories, not a complete chaos you'll want to tell your kids. Contact us for more information about wedding planning.