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Multicultural Wedding: Two Cultural Celebrations as One

A multicultural wedding needs serious compromise. When you and your partner come from different cultural backgrounds, incorporating each party's tradition into the wedding is what links two families together. You don't have to share similar tastes and backgrounds to have a day you'll both love.

By keeping an open mind and discussing your and your partner's vision, you can come up with a plan to beautifully celebrate the union.

Timing is Everything when It Comes to Planning

If you're planning two separate wedding celebrations, it's advisable to host them six months apart. It's not too long that it appears strange to have your second wedding, and not too short that you end up planning both simultaneously.

If you're planning to host just one celebration, you need to leave enough time to incorporate every important detail from both cultures. Although this option seems easier, it still requires careful planning and complicated logistics.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Both Cultures

Incorporate details from each side and help your families understand more about each other. A fusion of food from both backgrounds is a great way to make guests feel comfortable with familiar tastes, while exploring a new cuisine.

Many cultural weddings involve rituals unfamiliar to those outside of the culture. Explain what's happening in each stage of the ceremony so that none of the guests feel left out. Yes, the reception is a great place to play the top dance hits, but don't forget to infuse cultural dances into the mix.

Money Still Plays a Significant Role

Fusing two different cultures is always costly, no matter how you do it. Depending on who's paying for what, money is an important factor when deciding how your wedding will be. If you get a good deal with a venue that you've fallen in love with, it makes more sense to hold two ceremonies there on the same day.

It's easy to get wrapped up and start looking for that mint-coloured mason jars, vintage accessories, best florist in town, and refuse to rest until it's all perfect. This pressure intensifies when you're planning a multicultural wedding. Sure, there's nothing wrong with aiming for the best, but keep in mind that all of these details is secondary to the reason you're doing all of this: to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.