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Wedding Cliches Your Big Day Shouldn't Have

Some people cling to wedding traditions because of their symbolisms and meanings, but they also have the tendency to be too old, too trite, or too cliché to bother with. Times have changed, and today you can do away with some of these practices. When you want a unique, charming wedding, you might want to consider avoiding some of these clichés.

Blending of the sands

For the unfamiliar, the sand ceremony makes the would-be couple pour sand of different colours in one empty vase. This is a symbol of their togetherness and unity. But you already have your wedding to signify your bond as a couple, so the blending of the sands is not exactly a necessity.

Children as flower girls/ring bearers

You cannot deny the cuteness of children as they walk carrying pillows with rings and baskets full of flowers sprinkled on the aisle, but they’re also a source of wedding disasters in the wrong mood. Cuteness aside, kids might throw a fit because they don’t like what they’re wearing or they just don’t want to perform. Although there’s nothing wrong with appointing kids as bearers and flower girls, it can be quite a cliché and a risk from a planner’s perspective.

Seeing the bride

They say that bad luck will follow when a groom sees the bride before the wedding. Or will it? This belief has long been outmoded, and it’s okay for the couple to sit together and talk prior to saying their vows. Moreover, it has its perks, as the couple can discuss their feelings and ease their pre-wedding jitters.

That being said there is something very special when the groom sees his bride for the first time walking down the aisle. A magical moment for capture some highly emotional photos or video.

Tables with names

Naming tables used to be a thing (emphasis on used to), but it’s now an old custom best left for weddings in the ‘90s. Although the names you put on the tables mean something to the bride and the groom, it usually doesn’t hold much significance (or interest) for the guests.

Still life photographs

Yes, still life photographs are artsy and symbolic, but there are more compelling aspects of the wedding that deserve the frame more than the snacks, shoes, or flowers. In a wedding, the photographer and videographer must focus more on the people – the bride, the groom, the relatives, the guests, and their quirks and reactions. It’s more interesting to look at reactions than inanimate objects when you’re looking at your photo album.

Make your wedding one of a kind by avoiding these clichés. When you’re looking for alternatives to these customs, My Wedding Concierge comes to the rescue. We’ll help you find the right people, items, and styles to make your big day more special and exciting. Get in touch with us to find out how we can be of assistance to you.