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Jemma's Inspiring Wedding Story

It began nearly 4 years ago on a sunny Sunday morning when I met my finace for the first time. It was valentines day. An 11 hour date, we found endless things to talk about and laugh together. Although I managed to spill Champagne on my date, he still rang the next day.

Jemma's Wedding PHoto

Fast forward a few years and we had experienced some amazing and some heart breaking times together. On the week that our newly bought house settled, we lost my fiancé's father to cancer. A devastating time that brought so much sadness and pain. However my fiancé coped with immense strength and resilence. Four months following I was wisked away for a surprise holidayfull of luxury, adventure and a rock! (Diamond). We began planning our wedding with so much excitement to then find my fiancé had to go interstate for work for 2 months just as all the big decisions were being made. The distnace was hard but we adjusted and never lost touch with eachother. However another tradegy was to arrive when he returned to our home town. It was the weekend we burried his father's ashes, and the next day he and 7 others were made redundant.

It was another blow to our lives in less than 12 months. With the multitude of money going out the door to book wedding suppliers, we wondered if we shpuld continue with only 4 months to go till our wedding day. However once again my fiancé amazed me with his strength, resilence and wonderful ability to cope with challenges life brings. Each day he applied for work, walked the pavent and within 4 weeks was working with a brilliant company in a better environment.

Now less than 2 weeks to go, it's amazing to look back on all this that has occurred in less than 12 months. In 3 weeks marks the one year anniversary of his father's death, and there's no doubt our wedding day will be sad without him there as he brought such happiness to us both, but he will be there in spirit and my fiance has such courage, soul and humility and I am so proud to be marrying him.

Our wedding has always been envisioned as a celebration of relationships, the one we hold together and those of our family and friends. We can't wait to share this day with them all.