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Tahnie's Surprise Beach Proposal

I'm such a lucky girl... I got a texted message one day while I was at work from my darling man of 10 years telling me he has picked the kids up from day care and got a picnic packed and I had to meet them at the beach. When he wants to be he can be Mr Romantic so I didn't suspect anything and we quite often have dinner at the beach.

Beach proposal photo

I pulled up at the beach to find a sign with my name on it and an arrow pointing down the path towards the water. I walked down the path that was lined out with flowers to find our gorgeous two kids and their daddy waiting for me in a huge dug out love heart in the sand. It was so sweet. We had dinner and then were sitting around talking about our day then miss 2.5 year old pipes up says 'mummy, daddy wants you to have this ring.' Then my man got down onto one knee and proposed. It was by far the most romantic thing he had ever done. We still haven't set a date for our wedding but we're hoping it will be in the next few years.