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Alina's Determined Husband Proposes

My darling fiance James had the whole thing planned and organised months before the big proposal. But even the best laid plans can fall apart! Our parents were meeting for the first time and he thought it would be a perfect way to introduce them to each other and to celebrate with our family. He'd carefully planned the entire day, from organising with my work to get me off work early to an Amazing Race challenge, but it was not to be.

The week before the big proposal, James complained of feeling sick which I'd put down to "man flu". Turns out I was wrong and he was admitted to hospital with severe pneumonia. The poor thing was in there for 4 days, and only got discharged the night before the proposal, after having sweet talked the doctors and nurses into letting him out early. I left for work on Friday morning, none the wiser, with strict instructions for James to stay in bed and rest up.

Little did I know the plans for the day ahead. I went about my daily routine on Friday, not knowing that James was frantically running around organising the afternoon’s activities. I was told to leave work early that afternoon by my boss who said “you’ve had a really stressful week so go home and spend some time with James”. I happily packed up my laptop and walked out the door, happy to be able to go home early.

Upon arrival at home, I noticed the apartment was super quiet and saw a hand written note from James whom I thought was on his death bed. It read “Darling Alina, please meet me at the ferry wharf at 4pm. Don’t ask questions, don’t call. I love you”. I smiled to myself and quickly got myself down to the wharf pronto! I was standing there for a few minutes, wondering what was going to happen, when a beautiful 40ft boat showed up with a friend in tow. I hopped on casually, we made some small chat and he dropped me off at Clarke Island on the Harbour. The sun was shining bright for a winter’s day, almost as if the weather had turned on just for us. I hopped off the yacht and cautiously started walking up the path, and could see James waiting for me, all dressed up in a tuxedo. If he’d only had a red rose, it would have been just like The Bachelor! I recall saying something along the lines of “what are you doing here? You should be in bed resting!” and then giggling nervously as he got down on one knee and proceeded to put the ring (which he’d designed and got made all by himself – brownie points!) on the wrong finger. I of course said yes, and gently moved his hand to put the ring on the right finger. We celebrated just with ourselves, and then told our parents and family as they met for the first time. The news was received with a scream or two from his mum and sister, and of course lots of happy tears.

So while the proposal was not what James planned, to me, it was so much better than any well laid out plan. A wonderful story for us to tell but more importantly, showed his resilience and determination to get down on one knee and say “will you marry me?” Pneumonia or not, the answer was always going to be a resounding “yes”.