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Therese's Fairytale Wedding

My personal Fairy tale...
My husband Ian and I met 27 years ago and I was just starting a career in Dance which was taking me around the world. We tried to keep our relationship going but after a while, he realised it wasn’t going to work. He finished it and encouraged me to continue my career as that is what I was destined to do.

After we went our own ways Ian, married and had 2 wonderful boys and had moved from Melbourne to Cairns. Our paths crossed on 1 or 2 occasions but that was it.

I did exactly what he told me to do and had a very successful dance career taking me to exotic locations around the world. But never finding a love that was the same as the one I had shared with Ian. 24 years later and with the luck of technology we found each other again, Ian was divorced now but still living in Cairns and I was retired from travelling and living in Melbourne our lives were still destine to keep us apart.

On a whim Ian decide to take a trip to Melbourne within a few hours you would have thought we had never been apart for all those years. His 10 days holiday came to an end and we knew we had to do whatever to be together, it was fate.

Off he went back to Cairns...
We had decided to give it 6 months apart and decide after that my career situation meant that I could do anything for at least 12 months but Ian’s was in his hands. I was planning to make a trip to Cairns at Easter to break up the 6 months. But over a Skype conversation Ian had decide he couldn’t wait and 6 months turned into 6 weeks

Ian was back in Melbourne and back in my life again...
On an outing to the City visiting a friends Art show, a trip to the Myers Christmas windows then off to an intimate Japanese Restaurant and a wonderful meal. Ian suddenly got on his knee and proposed, he had been carrying the ring around in the box in his pocket all day I didn’t have a clue. I was so overwhelmed that finally I was going to married the only man I had ever dreamed of marrying.

Our wedding was on Australia Day 2013 very much everything we could have wanted and more. We had family involve all the way my Mum made my dress and my bridesmaids and flower girls who were my 2 beautiful nieces. Ian’s 2 groomsmen were child hood friends who were both part of our life from 24 years ago and were the perfect people to be in the wedding.

A close family friend had given us the use of her house for the reception and with the help of our family and friends we transformed her back yard into a magical fairyland for the completion of our personal fairy tale.

I wasn’t one bit nervous, I was ecstatic I really was finally marrying Ian. At the reception I said this is the perfect end to my fairy tale and Ian promptly stood up and said and I’m your Frog that was followed by a roar of laughter from our invited guests and the start to my married life.