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Leanne's Proposal In The Park

It was my 2nd week at my new job and Troy said that he made a reservation at a nice French restaurant in Darlinghurst that we had been to previously, for a celebration dinner. He asked me to make sure I dressed nicely because he wanted it to be special.

I met Troy in the city at Pitt St Mall after work on a Thursday night. He was dressed very well in a handsome suit and his tie matched my outfit, which I thought was very cute.
To get to the restaurant, we walked through Hyde Park, which I love! One of my favorite places. So we were strolling along and as we walked past the Archibald Fountain we saw a couple of buskers, one playing keyboard and the other singing. They had a small crowd around them and were quite good. Troy suggested that we hang out and watched for a bit as we had heaps of time before the reservation.

We listened as they finished up the song they were singing, and the next song that started was Our Song (Stereo Hearts, by Gym Class Heroes), I got quite excited and mentioned that it was such a coincidence and that it was a sign that we would have a great night (if only I knew!). It was a nice, slow acoustic version of the song, which was beautiful. We listened and during the middle of the song, Troy turned to me, held both my hands and got down on one knee! He proposed in front of the fountain with a beautiful speech (which I didn't really hear at all because in my head I was thinking "oh my god! You are proposing!") but I got the most important part when he asked me to marry him. Which I said "Yes" to, of course! - Troy later repeated his proposal to me and it was so heartfelt and wonderful.

Meanwhile, during the proposal, Troy's friend had come out from hiding and was recording everything AND he had organised for professional photographers, who were also in hiding, who captured the whole proposal! The buskers were both his friends also, who I'd never met before. Troy had orchestrated the whole thing! A bottle of Mo├Ęt was popped and we all toasted to Troy and my engagement. Then afterward, Troy and I walked around Hyde Park for a photo shoot session with the photographers.

Troy put so much effort and organisation into every little detail, it was the best surprise of my life! And now we have gorgeous photos of that night that we can look back on and show our future children. Oh and in case you were wondering, there was never a dinner reservation at the French restaurant, it was all a set up!