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The Perfect Ending To Amy's European Holiday

We were on a trip to Europe. People had been saying for months and months that he would propose overseas but i thought that because of all the talk and expectation that he definately wouldnt do it. I was wrong!

After a week in London we went over to Ireland and hired a car to see as much of the country as possible. We had a big day planned to drive the Ring of Kerry (like the great ocean road). It was stunning so many beautiful veiws. Unbeknownce to me Dan had being trying to find a place all day but every time we stopped there were other people around.
We were getting right to the end of the ring and the sun was starting to go down. Dan suggested looking down at Gliesk pier. We were joking on the way down the narrow overgrown road that it would probably be a rickety old thing. It was worse. It was a concrete boat ramp! I looked across at dan and said 'turn around' but he was determined to get me out of the car. So we got out and started walking along beside a mountain that was on one side. All of a sudden it opened up to the most beautiful view of the sea with mountains on either side of us and the sun begining to set.
I got quite excited when a very cute little sheep trotted over the hill and then was joined by another little friend. So i got the camera out and started taking photos. I stopped and turned around and Dan gave me a big hug then dropped to his knees (yes both!) and asked the big question.

I was so shocked and happy. I hugged him and he put the ring on my finger but then needed to remind me that me thaf I actually hadnt said yes yet! Poor thing was still waiting for that word. So of course I said yes and we headed back to Kilarney for dinner to celebrate. It was absolutely perfect.