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Sarah's Wooden Engagement

I had been leaving little hints that i wanted to get married and i think that both our mums were too. But it was hard for us we didn't have a lot of money, we had a 2 year old boy, loans and a new mortgage, so i wasn't expecting him to pop the question anytime soon.

Wooden Wedding Ring

My Fiance is always out in the shed doing things, he is the type of person who always has a couple of projects on the go so nothing seemed unusual to me.
It was the middle of the week i had just finished getting our son ready for bed and had finished cooking dinner, so i thought i would see if he wanted a bundy and coke. I put my dressing gown on as it was freezing outside and walked over to the shed to ask him, when i got there he said he wanted my opinion on something. He had something in his hand and got down on one knee and opened his hand.
There was a wooden hand made ring. At this point i thought he was joking about the one knee thing he had done that a few times, so I went to put it on one of my fingers on the right hand. He told me it was the wrong hand so i changed the hand and went to put it on my middle finger, he said i was close but wrong finger.
At this point i was starting to get excited. I put the wooden ring on my ring finger and smiled. He looked at me and said so is the a yes? I replyed by saying yes if there is a question to my answer. He then stood up and kissed me. He said I knew the question, so he never asked me those four words every girl dreams to hear from their man.

I had to keep asking him every few hours if we were engaged as i couldn't believe it. A few months later he bought me a diamond ring (which i love), but it will never be as special to me as the wooden ring that he made me. He took the time and effort to make that for me and shows how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

I truly feel like a lucky girl to have a man who does things like that for me. I also think it makes it a memorable engagement as it was not expected and romantic in it's own way.