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Tiffany's Man Dances His Way Into Her Heart

For most of young adult life, I was an aspiring entertainer. I would travel and compete as a figure skater, latin dancer and beauty queen. As a latin dancer, I trained in NYC. I had to do a performance in NJ and needed a partner. My fashion designer knew a dancer that I could possibly dance with. I gave him a call and we had a try out that weekend in NYC.


I was curious to see that this guy looked like so I googled him online. I saw pictures of him at different ballroom competitions. Once I saw a picture of him, I thought to myself, "Wow, he really is handsome!"


Because I already knew what he looked like, I was anxiously excited to meet him at the dance studio. We had a try out and decided that we would be a great dance couple to perform at the show in NJ. So, we did our first performance together and people in the audience asked us to do other performances.


And... the rest was history! John swept me off my feet with his sleek dance moves and we eventually got married a year later.