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Elaines Middle Eastern Love

My husband (Andrew) and I got married in November 2012. We were neighbours in the UAE, then best friends for a year which eventually turned into more. He moved back to Australia in July 2012 and I followed him a couple of months later - and we got married in November.


I organised his farewell in Dubai at a local brunch spot, which included about 40 of our friends... This was something that I organised, in terms of invitees, deco with the hotel as well as a custom cake from them which read- ''Farewell Andrew, We will miss you and love you".

Little did I know, he changed it all without my knowledge. He made me dress up that day, apparently with the reason that it was his day and he wanted to take some good pictures together.

We ate, we drank and then was desert...I was well tucked into my wines by then....When I saw the server bring our cake- I ran up to Andrew to tell him to take the seat at the head of the table, to only learn that I have him and everyone else yelling at me to sit down...

I just didn't understand, and sat perplexed, completely blinded to the cake in front of me, which read Elaine will you marry me?

I was shocked, much to my amazement, the next minute he is down on one knee proposing to me with a Michael Kors bag (the one I had my eye on for ages) and then followed by a ring...

I have a video which captured it all.