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What is My Wedding Concierge?

So you're planning your wedding right? Well I suppose it's time to jump head first into the multitude of confusing, messy wedding directory websites out there, that all claim to make it easier for brides to plan their perfect day.

However some of you (the lucky ones) have probably started to hear things about something called My Wedding Concierge.

Naturally you're probably curious to know what it is, and you'll be glad you asked because My Wedding Concierge is going to change the way you organise your wedding, and you'll wonder how anyone ever lived without it!

Well in order to explain what My Wedding Concierge does exactly, it's important to understand the problems that people face when organising their wedding, so here are some of the big ones...

1. It takes a really long time to organise everything in the wedding, mostly because you have to spend hundreds of hours on the phone calling businesses one by one.

2. A lot businesses tend to have prices which always seem to get higher when the word "wedding" is used (cakes are a classic example of this).

Well from the very beginning My Wedding Concierge seeks to solve these two very big problems for people. My Wedding Concierge isn't just a wedding directory website, it's a wedding service website enabling people to organise and co-ordinate with businesses in an extremely fast and effective manner. So how does it work?

Well let's tackle the first problem. When you're planning a wedding there are many difference businesses which are all involved to supply the goods & services that all come together to make the big day happen. To get them all happening literally required hundreds of hours on the phone, calling one by one, getting quotes, organising meetings, just to narrow down the businesses that you want to work with.

lady holding many phones

Instead of using regular wedding directories where you search for some businesses, and then call each of them one by one, My Wedding Concierge has one particularly big feature that's designed to massively cut down the time you waste on the phone.

When you're on the MWC website, you can easily perform a quick search of relevant businesses based on the type, and the location you're interested in. The list you'll be presented with as a result will be extremely targeted, but it doesn't end there.

Let's assume you're looking for a wedding cake maker. Simply select the businesses that you'd like to contact, fill out an online enquiry form, and My Wedding Concierge will send that enquiry to all of them at the same time! Each business will receive an identical enquiry, which means that when they respond with a quote, it will be very easy to compare and decide.

applesandoragesscale ist2 7010066-comparing-apples-and-oranges

Now that's not to say it's all about going for the lowest price, most brides will be very concious of getting good quality which is smart. It's just a nice way of ensuring that you get good value for money.

The best part about using My Wedding Concierge, is that because the enquiries go out to multiple businesses at a time, they will always be responding to you with something competitive that is going to impress. If they don't then it makes your decision that much easier in terms of who you spend you money with. The businesses on My Wedding Concierge are keen and eager for your custom, so they are not likely to get lazy or complacent.

There is absolutely no need to waste all that time using regular wedding directories. My Wedding Concierge can cut down the time you waste on the phone, make it easier to find and make contact with relevant businesses, and ensure you get great value for money.

Don't spend the time leading up to your wedding feel stressed out, and snowed under with organisational tasks. My Wedding Concierge will do all of the hard work for you, and it's completely free to use!

If you'd like any more information about the best way to organise your wedding, please contact me at My Wedding Concierge.