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10 Ways To Bling Your Wedding

Let's face it, people love things which are shiny and sparkly and that doesn't change whatsoever during a wedding. After all much of the excitement surrounds showing off the brides' brand new engagement ring! The wedding day and wedding reception also have many opportunities to add some extra bling so this article will demonstrate 10 ways to Bling Your Wedding.

The bouquet is  special moment at the end of many wedding receptions, so why not add some bling to the flowers! You can add som sparkly elements, or go totally oer the top and make the entire bouquet a big bunch of bling!


Earrings are an accessory for the bride which provide a great opportunity to add som sparkle, and help compliment the wedding dress, and makeup on the day. A great option is to use either costume jewellery, simulated diamons, or rented diamonds to keep the cost of this once-off jewellery down.


Will you be wearing a wedding dress on your wedding day? Of course you will! The dress itself can be a great place to incorporate some elements of bling for something that's even more eye catching. If you're getting married ouside the natural light will sparkle in the eye of your guests even more as is refracts light from all angles.


A lot of effort goes into the brides' hair style on the wedding day, so you can make it even more beautiful by adding some small yet eye catching blingy elements to it.


You can think about adding some bling to you decorations at the wedding reception and create a truly magical feeling as you guests enter. It could be as simple as some shiny chandelliers with clever lighting to create maximum sparkle.


The wedding cake is the centrepiece of many weddings, and you can easily add bling to the outside of your wedding cake. You could add some very subtle sparkly elements to the wedding cake, or you could go all out and cover it entirely for something that will really hold your guests attention.


If the overall theme of your wedding involved a lot of bling, then you could consider inclulding some on your wedding invitiations. It'll help give your guests an idea of the style of wedding prior to the day, and set the tone as soon as they receive the invite!


Though sometimes obscured from vision by the wedding dress, the bride's shoes are very important on the wedding day. Some extra bling can make them feel especially magical as she walks down the aisle.


The popularity of nail art is growing rapidly in the last few years, and of course it's another opportunity for the bride, or bridesmaids to shine. Literally.


Dazzle the groom during the ceremony by adding some sparkly bling to your lips. This sheen of glitter is the final touch for the truly blinged out bride.