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Laura's Tips To Save Thousands on your Wedding

Theme weddings, even when you DIY, can be very expensive and painful (hello glue-gun related injuries).

Guilted by Pinterest and Martha Stewart Weddings because I didn't have reclaimed mirrors hanging from trees or hand-cut glitter-buggers exploding from yonder-high when we say "I do" I felt that my wedding would be a visual disaster.

Wedding Colour Theme

After a series of hysterical meltdown over paper swatches and flowers I grew some common sense.

You can ease the budget burden and still get a good result by focusing the theme on one power colour.

I was able to save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars by simply choosing a set of colours for all my elements. I chose apricot/blush tones, and was able to save money because:

  1. My florist matched colour swatches to in-season flowers
  2. My local bargain-shop sold spray paint and cheap nick-nacks and paper items that I cou ld re-colour for my table settings
  3. I purchased a bulk set of colours tags which were used for Save-The-Dates and place-holders
  4. I shopped online (Etsy) for bulk stationery that featured the same colours I wanted
  5. My reception venue was very much a clean-slate so I wasn't working to overpower existing decor

By focusing on a colour you can narrow the field of options (which is quite overwhelming), and can objectively choose what option is best for you, i.e. cost, look etc.

It was the best decision ever!