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Wedding Registry Tips

Getting presents at Christmas is a mixed affair. There are good gifts – from the people that had to suffer through the not-so subtle hinting. There are bad gifts from work acquaintances and distant relatives. The good gifts balance out the bad gifts, and it is not that big a deal, as there’s always next year. That's not the case for wedding gifts, though.

Once in a Lifetime – Hopefully

You only get married once – if you do it right. This means there’s only one shot at getting the things you want from wedding gifts. Unfortunately, it’s bad manners to ask people outright for the things you want. Fortunately, wedding registry can be your source of much-needed help. But, even then, some couples still cannot seem to get it right, and end up with stuff they just exchange or never use.

Fortunately, there are a few simple rules that couples can follow to ensure their big day doesn’t suffer the sting of disappointing gifts. First, a couple should get a wedding registry as soon as they announce their engagement. Some people may think that the couple is getting ahead of themselves, but this is good for everyone involved.

Do It Now

Early registration lets people get the gifts long before the ceremony, which means nobody’s strapped for time – or they cannot use time as an excuse. It lets friends send additional gifts for pre-wedding celebrations such as engagement parties and brunches. Receiving more gifts is never a bad thing, after all.

What You Want

The second rule is to register what you want. Couples often fall into the trap of going for traditional registry lists. What are you supposed to do with a mixing bowl if you think pancake mix is a culinary challenge? Go through your Christmas lists and see if there is anything you can bump a few months early.

Remember, choosing the wedding registry is not just about choosing gifts for yourself; it’s choosing gifts for you and your partner. It’s not a good start to a marriage if all the gifts are for just one person. People have a hard time with this part, and if you are experiencing this problem, don’t worry. Our site can help you plan for your wedding details. Contact us today if you have other wedding concerns that we can be of assistance.