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Easy Weddings - Learn from those who've done it all before

Everyone wants to have an easy wedding, one without stress or drama but for many people the reality is that their experience is anything but easy. Choosing suppliers, guest lists and budgets, there's the potential for drama to occur at almost every turn. This article will give you some ideas from people who have been and done it before, so you have the best chance of creating an easy wedding of your own.

How to plan Easy Weddings


When planning an activity with so many moving parts it's important to prioritise your work. It's very easy to get distracted and drawn in to dealing with small details which aren't significant in the overall scheme of things. So make sure after you've figured out the overall plan of what you'd like to occur on the day, you divide it up in to the various aspects which need to be organised, and from there determine what needds to be dealt with immediately.

The wedding venue will typically be one of the very first things to organise, after that catering, the wedding dress and the wedding cake. Generally speaking those will be the items you'll want to deal with before anything else as the venue in particular can have a strong impact on many other things which you'll have to organise as a result and they book out far in advance.

Stick to your Budget

Even though after you begin planning you'll probably find that you under or over estimated what many things will cost for your wedding day, it's important for you to stick to an overall budget that you're comfortable with. There's no point in having to take out a second mortgage just because the venue decorations were a bit more expensive than you anticipated.

Also remember that you can always choose to DIY certain aspects of your wedding day. The ceremony and reception decorations represent possible opportunities to save som money if you source or create them yourself, thus enabling you to stay wtihin your budget if things get tight. Remeber that on the internet there are countless DIY guides and tutorials which will help you achieve the look you want if you're looking to get your hands dirty and save some money.

Be Flexible

It's important to remember that some things just won't work out exactly how you want on your wedding day, so to ensure that you enjoy your wedding day no matter what try to remember to be flexible and not stress over small unimportant details. At the end of the day it's about your marriage to your partner, not the decorative elements which you'll be surrounded by on the day.

Wedding Planners are Valuable

Though they are likely to take an extra bite out of your wedding budget, hiring an experienced wedding planner can be an extremely good investment. They will guide you through the process having done it many times before and will already have established connections in the industry making it easier for you to secure what you want with a fraction of the hassle (and someties a cost saving too).

Wedding planners are one of the most common aaspects of a wedding which people say they wish they had considered using when looking back on their wedding day.


A wedding is a big undertaking for anyone when you've never done it before so remember these 4 points and you'll be well on your way to planning Easy Weddings. 

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