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9 Ingenious Wedding Invitations

First impression count and your Wedding Invitations are no exception. When your guests open yours for the first time, give them something amazing! Give them an invitation which won't get thrown in the bin. Here are 9 of the most ingenius wedding invitations from around the internet.

Nothing says "party" like balloons. We're programmed into that association as a child, so why not use balloons to signal the biggest party of your life! These invitations are simply screen-printed onto a deflated balloon. The recipient blows up the balloon and reveals the message!

Balloon Wedding Invitation

Remember these photo carousels when you were a kid? If you're marrying your childhood sweetheart this could be the perfect way to announce it! Apart from the amazing nostalgia, it's also a great way to tell a visual story with multiple images.

Carousel Wedding Invitation

If you can get your hands on some old photography film cannisters, then with a little bit of time and effort you can create a very clever way to reveal the story of your wedding to your guests.

Camera Film Wedding Invitation

Flip books are also something which were popular way back when, and they are a really fun and interactive way to reveal a story to your guests. These definitely won't get thrown out any time soon.

Flipbook Wedding Invitation

Is your wedding in a secret location? Does it have a spy theme? You could consider making a hidden ink invitation with special colour filtered glasses to reveal the message. Just make sure you know if one of your guests is colour blind before sending it to them...

Hidden Ink Wedding Invitation

"Tying the knot" is that age old traditional saying, and now there's an invitation which communicates the message so perfectly, you almost don't need to say anything else at all!

Knot Wedding Invitation

I wanted to include this invitation purely because of how incredibly detailed it is, and how they've used the laser cut method to help illustrate such an amazing story in the invitation itself. Incredible!

Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

3D or popup "save the date" cards are really amazing to look at, and many will keep them on the mantle piece for a long time because they're just so intriguing to look at.

3D Wedding Invitation

Recycle a can of mints and use it to string together some pocket sized cards with all the details of your wedding day. It's unique, it's small, and the can protects the contents for years to come!

Wedding Invitation In A Can

If you need advice or help in designing the best wedding invitations or save the date cards, then take a look at some of the amazing designers in your area!