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5 Of The Most Unusual Wedding Proposals

Marriage Proposal photo

Hollywood has romanticised the idea of the wedding proposal with images of handsome men getting down on one knee in extravagant locations, or lovers defying all odds so they can be together, and even absurd situations that leads to proposals under the most unlikely circumstances.

Some real-life engagements are worthy of this and so much more. When we picture proposals we think of "When Harry Met Sally" or Mr. Darcy proposing to Elizabeth on the moor at dawn in "Pride and Prejudice". But not every proposal is the picture perfect moment that Hollywood glamorises. Some, although romantic, are outright unusual - which is what makes them so much better than any proposal cliché.

Say Cheese!

Photo Booth Marriage Proposal

Surprising your girlfriend with a photo booth proposal is bound to score you some brownie points and ensures that special moment can be re-lived forever. This is definitely a cute way to seal the deal with your loved one and is becoming somewhat of a trend among couples who are ready to take the next step in their relationship.

But if you're wondering where you can find a photo booth, don't stress, we've got you covered. You can search our comprehensive list of Australian photo booth vendors on our website today!

May the Force be with you...

Star Wars Marriage Proposal

Themed proposals are all the rage among pop culture fanatics, which makes this Star Wars proposal perfect! The planning and preparation alone is enough to warm your heart, but the look on this bride-to-be's face says it all.

Adrenaline Filled

Roller Coaster Marriage Proposal

Theme park rides are always thrilling and sure to get your heart racing, combine that with a killer proposal and you're guaranteed to feel a rush of excitement you'll never forget. I imagine that lucky ladies reaction when she saw the picture looked a lot like it did on the ride.

"It'sa-me, Mario!"

Video Game Marriage Proposal

It looks like Mario has made it way past second base. Not only is this proposal super cute and perfect for a retro gamer, it also embraces the relatively new man-gagement ring trend, because why shouldn't the groom get a cool ring too? After all multi-player gaming is a dual venture, just like marriage. You know what they say, couples who play together stay together.

A Leap Of Faith

Sky Diving Marriage Proposal

Personally, it would take me a lot to get on a plane - only to jump out of it. If someone managed to convince me to take that leap of faith, I definitely wouldn't hesitate in accepting this extraordinary proposal. To many people skydiving is a once in a lifetime opportunity and hopefully a proposal is too.

If you're planning a spectacular proposal for that special person in your life that deserves more than ordinary, why not consider hiring an event planner to help coordinate your perfect moment. They can help you every step of the way, from selecting a ring from a leading jewellery provider, to helping you find the right words for your life changing speech, and finally helping you execute the moment that will set up the rest of your life.

Check out the directory and start planning your dream proposal today!

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Posted by My Wedding Concierge on Sunday, 12 July 2015