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5 Benefits of A Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Venue

When we think of the wedding season, we generally think of spring or summer, right? That’s the time of year that our fridges become adorned with a mountain of save-the-dates and wedding invitations, and that is generally when our summery occasion-wear is brought out from the back of the closet for airing. But why not throw modern tradition on it’s head, and look to winter for your wedding date? Here are the top five benefits of planning a winter wedding...

More Availability

Winter Wedding Venue

Summer has, and always will be, peak wedding season. As a result, you as the bride and groom have to be flexible about what date you’re going to get married on (to fit around the availability of your chosen venue), and you need to have “back-up” suppliers for everything from florists, to hair stylists, to caterers and so on. Ultimately, you are ‘competing’ with all the other brides and grooms out there to get the best of the best in suppliers and venues, and sometimes it can feel like you are working around their schedules rather than your own.

Switch to a winter wedding and you are more likely to find your venue and suppliers are available when you want them, making them work for you rather than the other way round, and you’ll likely also benefit from the added bonus of paying ‘off-peak’ rates. Your guests will be pleased to part with less cash on off-season hotel rates, and all round you’ll find that you can stretch your budget further in winter.

Cooler Temperatures

Winter BrideIt may seem like I’m stating the obvious, in that a winter wedding is obviously colder than a summer wedding, however the cooler climate can work in your favour. There is nothing worse than spending a small fortune on a crisp white wedding dress only to have your make-up run all over it, and the common soggy-shirt syndrome is uncomfortable enough for your groom as a result of nerves and excitement, let alone with the addition of 30+ degree heat!

Having a winter wedding provides some assurance that you will both stay fresh and crisp in your uber expensive apparel, and gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in a few additional layers such as a lavish fur cape, or a beautiful woven blanket that the pair of you can snuggle under during your photo shoot for added ardour.

There is also something seriously sexy about heading back to your honeymoon suite and cosying up by the fire!

The ‘Unique’ Factor

Winter Wedding PhotographAt some point in your life, you are going to attend a lot of weddings. It’s not uncommon for you and your social circle to have similar timelines on life. You happen to find your soul mates around the same time, you happen to get married around the same time, and you happen to start having children around the same time (give or take a few years). It’s going to feel like an endless stream of wedding upon wedding upon wedding.

Summer weddings can start to look a little samey after a while. But when your friends and family look back on the calendar year of weddings they’ve attended, a winter wedding is bound to stand out from the others, ensuring your wedding becomes the most unforgettable experience of the year for everyone involved!

Limitless Creativity

DIY Smores stand at a Winter Wedding

A winter wedding allows you to get seriously creative on the décor, the food and drinks. When it’s cold outside, people like to huddle together indoors, nibble on a constant stream of hot food, drink and be merry, and warm up their bodies on the dance floor. And after all, isn’t that the main goal of a wedding reception as well? Replace the candy bar with a mulled wine and hot chocolate stand.

Winter Wedding Table DecorationsMix up your centrepieces from the standard bouquet styling to something unique like a single red rose frozen into an ice block, a tree of bare branches covered in fairy lights, or a Christmas-style wreath with a giant candle at it’s centre. Decorate with Christmas trees, baubles, fairy lights, candles, pine cones, snow, sparkles, gold, silver, mirrors or even holly garlands! There is a near endless array of incredibly magical, stunning and romantic winter-esque themes to choose from. Head to Pinterest and search ‘Winter Wedding’ for some jaw-dropping décor inspiration. Don’t forget to save your favs to a mood board ready to pass over to your stylist or event planner!

Majestic Romance

Winter Wedding BlanketsOkay, picture this. After a hot bubble bath to relax your nerves (and a glass or two of champagne), you arrive at the ceremony and all your friends and family are cuddled up together in pairs under the cosy blankets you’ve kindly provided. See what you did there? You’ve cleverly brought your guests together so that they’re already feeling the romance in the air before your ceremony has even begun! Over your bouquet of red and white roses mixed with pine cones and the scent of Christmas, there are candles and fairy lights all around you.

There’s no denying the connotations that such mood lighting provides to any event! Seal the deal with a kiss under mistletoe, and embrace the monotone landscape with high contrast black and white wedding photography. The reception provides even more atmospheric lighting; I’m talking a serious amount of candles and fairy lights, open fires in the entrance, bare branch centrepieces dripping in icicle-style LED lights, your favourite roast dinner on the menu, ice sculptures and a lot of snow-white draping to match your beautiful wedding dress.

You finish your evening in the hot tub with a bottle of champagne and your new husband, before cuddling up by the fire for your first night as newlyweds. How is that not the most frickin’ romantic setting you can possibly imagine for your big day?!

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