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Felicity's Tips For Buying A Used Wedding Dress

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From the very beginning I knew I wanted my wedding to be as affordable and environmentally & ethically responsible as possible, so I decided to buy a secondhand wedding dress. I set myself a budget of $500 and started looking online. I knew exactly what I wanted - a traditional princess gown with a train, and I wanted it to be PINK, so I knew I'd have my work cut out for me.

Felicity's used wedding dress photo

Someone was advertising a load of ex-bridal shop stock on Gumtree so I went to have a look at a few dresses. When I arrived most of the stock was already gone, so I was about to leave empty handed when the seller said she she had one more dress she could show me, but it was damaged.

She then pulled out the most stunning wedding dress I'd ever seen. It was EXACTLY what I wanted AND it fit me perfectly! It was secondhand, but had a $2,000 price tag attached. The only damage was a couple of small tears. I could've paid $100 to fix them professionall y, but I ended up mending them myself.

The seller wanted to clear out the last of her stock, so she sold EVERYTHING to me for $500. I sold a few of the other dresses on Gumtree and gave the rest to charity, so in the end my dress actually ended up MAKING me money.

My tips for buying a secondhand wedding dress:

Don't buy a dress without trying it on first. - Don't use price as a guide. I found designer dresses selling for a couple of hundred dollars, and cheap knock-offs selling for much more.
- Familiarise yourself with dry cleaning prices, so you can factor that money into your budget if necessary.

Reasons why I would highly recommend buying secondhand:

Secondhand doesn't necessarily mean worn, I found plenty of girls selling brand new dresses for a fraction of the retail prices simply because they'd changed their minds.

If you change your mind or your weight drastically fluctuates, you can buy another dre ss without having wasted thousands of dollars.

Saving moneyon your dress means more money left in the wedding budget for other things.

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