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Most Popular Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Flowers

What would Valentine’s Day be without the right flowers? Since the Victorian era, flowers have been a symbolic expression of interest whether romantically or otherwise. It was the Victorians who took flowers from the garden and used them as household or artistic décor. Over time flowers continue to be the essence of embellishment for events such as weddings. Most of us are unaware that each bloom has a certain meaning as do their various colours.


Red RosesThe rose is viewed as the most affectionate of flowers because of their beauty, their fragrance, and how the meaning of each rose reflects your feelings for your partner. According to a U.S. study in 2014, the most popular choice of flowers for Valentine’s Day was red roses, which were purchased by 61% of consumers.

Red roses are the symbol of love, passion, respect, and courage; which is why florists are always overstocked for Valentine’s Day. This would explain why red roses are an excellent choice for proposals. Tying two red roses together represents the intentions for engagement.

If Valentine’s Day is your chosen wedding date; having red roses as your primary choice of wedding flowers will no doubt let your guests know much you love each other.

Pink RosesPink roses were the second most popular flower in this study; having been purchased by 27% of the American population. Whilst pink roses are just as romantic, they represent love in terms of sentimentality; however different shades of pink have different meanings as well.

Pale pink roses are an expression of gratitude and grace. Light pink roses are appropriate as Valentine’s Day wedding flowers because they also represent fun and happiness, which is an essential part of a loving relationship. Deep pink roses symbolise appreciation, which can be conveyed to both your partner and to your guests for attending your wedding.

Given the popularity of roses, they are not the only option for wedding flowers. At a close third (26%) and fourth place (24%) respectively on the U.S. study; consumers chose to give their partners either a mixed floral arrangement (including a rose or two) or a bouquet of flowers other than roses.

Other wedding flowers

TulipsTulips are an overall representation of love in all its forms. Red tulips are an appropriate choice of wedding flowers for Valentine’s Day because they also mean true love and devotion to your partner.

You can also choose orchids for your wedding flowers however different cultures have various meanings concerning this blossom. With regards to weddings, the Victorians associated orchids with beauty. As a bride, you want a wedding flower that reflects how beautiful you are inside and out.

IrisesIrises can also be included in your wedding flower arrangements. As with red roses, yellow irises also symbolise passion. Purple irises are also suitable because they represent how you and your partner complement each other very well.

Birds of Paradise are an exciting choice of wedding flowers as they represent joy and positive anticipation; not only for your Valentine’s Day wedding but for married life.

Once you have chosen your wedding flowers and the floral colours for your Valentine’s Day theme; the next step is to consider how you and your bridal party will present your wedding flowers. Would you prefer a posy, teardrop or cascading bouquet? Would you like the bouquet placed in a handle or with the stems wrapped? Will they be decorated with ribbons or greenery? Let’s not forget your handsome groom and his groomsmen who will need a wedding flower bud each for the lapels on their suits.

Decorating the ceremony with your chosen wedding flowers will emphasize the Valentine’s Day theme. If you are having a church ceremony, would you like floral arrangements for the altar and the pew ends? For civil ceremonies, will you need wedding flowers for an archway? The signing table? Or the guest chairs?

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how many or how little red or pink roses you have in your wedding flower arrangements. What is important is that you have chosen the wedding flowers which are not only popular for Valentine’s Day; but also have a special meaning for yourself, your partner, and your wedding guests.

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