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How To Make A Wedding Day Emergency Kit

There are a million and one things that you can put into an emergency kit but remember the key word is "emergency", we don't want the whole supermarket aisle and the kitchen sink.

The ideal is to have a large kit that goes with the bride and bridesmaids to help when they are getting ready, this includes Champagne and food. Then have a smaller kit to take with you to the ceremony and reception with the "real" emergency items.

Here is my list of emergency supplies the most important of all is the bubbles!


Tissues are one of the most important things to include in your emergency kit.

  • First and foremost there will be happy tears to mop up. 
  • Spillages of food or drink. 
  • Spills on the dress!
  • Makeup disasters
  • Wet towelettes - for a quick freshen up


Band aids

Blisters from the bridesmaid's new shoes, burns from curling irons....


Pain reliever for headaches, anti-histamines for allergies and antacid for indigestion

Eye drops

A few happy tears and lack of sleep can cause red eyes which will spoil your gorgeous make up.

Mini first Aid Kit

Murphy's Law will always prevail on a wedding day so better to be prepared.

Mini sewing kit

Safety pins, buttons and thread, needle, scissors for those pearl buttons that come loose, or little pulls and tears when pulling on dresses.

Mini Make up kit

Cotton buds & make up remover for makeup adjustments
Tweezers and nail file for stray hairs, splinters and that split nail that always happens at the last minute.

Sunscreen and Bug spray

Even if your wedding is indoors or the weather is overcast you will probably venture outside for photos and need some protection.
If the weather is muggy or your wedding is in the tropics bug spray is a must! Try and get the unscented variety so it doesn't smell like you're trying some funky new perfume.


Just in case! Food, alcohol or any of the above items that are needed at the last minute.

Phone and Phone charger

As well as taking your own phone take a phone charger that is compatible with the brides phone, if there is a crisis and her phone is about to die you will save the day!

Super glue

For fixing nails, headpieces, shoes, dresses, handbags and more.


In the rush of getting ready someone may have forgotten to use deodorant that morning or the nerves will kick in and some assistance will be required.

Bobby pins

For when the hairdresser has left and your hair needs fixing and after your photos when the breeze has pulled some strands of hair free.


Food is essential for the bridal party especially the bride. She will probably skip breakfast and need something to get her through between ceremony and reception. Depending on dietary requirements look for things that won't leave food in teeth or make her bloated - the dress still needs to fit!

Breath mints

The first kiss needs to be fresh and minty not tasting of snacks and champagne so a mint just before the bride goes down the aisle will ensure fresh breath all round!


The most important "emergency" item for the day.

As a matron of honour or bridesmaid it's important that you take care of the emergency kit and produce items as needed so the bride never needs to know that there has been an issue. Little hiccups may occur on the day but don't let them spoil an amazing once in a lifetime day!

Wedding planners often have pearls of wisdom for brides (and bridesmaids) so click here find one in your local area.

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