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How to DIY Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers are one of the most expensive aspects to consider when planning a wedding; a bride can almost see dollar signs flashing in florist's eyes when the magic word is mentioned. If flowers are on the cards for  your big day and you want a more personal touch or are aiming to keep costs down, here are a few easy steps to doing it yourself.

Do Your Homework

Reception Centerpiece Flowers

With the rise of social media and image sharing platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, it's difficult not to be inspired by those who have come before. Take a few lengthy hours to get lost in the  plethora of stunning bouquets, centrepieces, signing table arrangements, button holes and quirky touches, this is sure to get those creative juices flowing and form the basis of how you want your big day to look. Bookmark images that strike your interest and get ready to create.

Buy Local & In Season

A savvy bride can be found at her local farmers or flower market. The array of floral vendors usually deal with the weekend crowds, but are an underused resource when looking to design beautiful arrangements for your wedding.

Not only do they know what will be in season and therefore cost effective, most are in touch with local growers and can purchase bulk on your behalf, just make sure you leave enough time for them to be able to source your order. Pick them up a day or two in advance for a fraction of the price. As a fountain of knowledge, vendors are also a great bouncing board if you're having trouble making a final decision on what looks will work well together.

Go Faux

Artificial Flowers

With a huge array of fake flower options on the market today it's the perfect way to DIY and save some hard earned cash. This rules out buying in season (free range anyone?) and for the lurking bridezilla in all of us it takes the stress out of rushing to finish bouquets and table settings at the last minute.

Fake doesn't have to be a dirty word, there are some fantastic floral replicas out there and with sites such as, Etsy and even ebay they are all just one click away. They also make fantastic gifts for guests or as keepsakes that last a lifetime.

Get The Team On It

DIY Wedding Flowers

You know you made those girls bridesmaids for a reason, get an assembly line together and start bringing your designs to life, not only will this make the daunting task of being an amateur florist less stressful, but having those close to you contribute to your big day will be rewarding and a lot of fun, especially after a cheeky champagne or two.

So get creative, you'll love your DIY flowers so much that, in the end, you may not even want to throw the bouquet.

TIP: If you go with fresh, ask your venue to store your arrangements in the fridge the night before to keep them from wilting.

Thinking that maybe you'd prefer to leave the floral design to an expert? Check out hundreds of florists all over Australia!

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Genevieve has been working in the media & advertising industry for over 5 years with a strong passion for writing. She is a wedding survivor that still harbours an unhealthy obsession for wedding themed pinterest boards.