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Best Wedding Cupcakes for 2014

Floral Cupcakes for Weddings

Wedding Cupcakes are rapidly growing in popularity in weddings all over the world. They're small, bite size, and very cute plus they taste great! They can be used in conjunction with a larger more traditional style wedding cake, or on their own and the possibilities for designs are simply endles. We've scoured the web and found the very best wedding cupcakes from around the world to inspire you!

The cupcakes used in this example are actually very simple however the display itself looks amazing with the combination of colours and textures from the variety of flowers and greenery which have also been incorporated.

Best Wedding Cupcakes 2014

Your cupcakes don't have to all be the same either. You can also consider having a variety of cupcake designs which all match your colour theme and styling beautifully.

Best Wedding Cupcakes 2014

These cute little wedding cupcakes are highly detailed and represent the bride and groom on the wedding day.

Best Wedding Cupcakes 2014

From relatively basic cupcakes right through to extremely detailed wedding cupcakes. This example shows just how intricate the designs can be in order to create a beautiful display, while at the same time still tasting delicious. How cute are they!


This rustic wedding cake display features a larger more traditional style cake at the tome, and then on the lower tiers a range of cupcakes of different designs and also sizes! The combination of colours, textures, and variety of cakes make it feel really fun and inviting.

Best Wedding Cupcakes 2014

Take a look at the video below to see over 20 amazing examples of wedding cupcakes from all around the world, and of course if you want to find someone to create a cake for your wedding day then just click here to start searching our national directory.


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