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Getting Naked (Cake) at your Wedding!

Naked Wedding Cakes

The words ‘naked’ and ‘wedding’ normally don’t belong in the same sentence unless you’re referring to a toddler. But when it comes to wedding cakes the naked style has been dominating Pinterest boards.

Gone are the days of fruit cakes at weddings with their outdated fondant icing as we welcome a new age of bohemian brides with many choosing to ditch the royal icing for daring and delicious naked look.


Naked cakes are easily recognisable by their barely there icing and their simplistic design. Instead of covering the cake in icing these rustic and romantic creations are left bare making it easy to for the cake to fit in with your wedding theme, or colour scheme.

Often adorned in fruit, flowers, glitter, chocolate or all of the above, nothing will be too over the top as the cakes natural design acts as a blank canvas for your imagination to run wild!

Go chocolate for a decadent touch, buttercream for a romantic edge, coloured or ombre for a fun and flirty take or choose red velvet for a show stopping effect.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Naked Wedding CakeIt’s well known that most women have a weakness for chocolate and there is no reason your wedding day should be any exception to the rule. Decadent and delicious a chocolate cake is a feast for the senses. This naked chocolate brownie cake proves it can rich and luxurious while still remaining easy on the eye. Embrace the naked cake trend by layering your chocolate wedding cake with fluffy layers of whipped cream and decorated with roses and icing sugar for a feminine and romantic feel.


Buttercream Cake

Buttercream Naked Wedding CakeThe buttercream design often fits with many wedding themes with white proving a safe choice of colour when it comes to a wedding cake. The classic and crisp style provides an alternative to the old-school white wedding cake without straying too far from the traditional colour scheme. Accessorise your naked buttercream cake with colourful blooms or opt for an effortless and dreamy look with fresh greenery and peonies.


Ombre Naked Cakes

Ombre Naked Wedding CakeDare to be bold, bright and beautiful with a coloured naked cake.

Coloured cakes bring a playful element to any wedding so why not embrace your inner child? Choose just one colour or opt for an ombre effect to create drama.

By leaving the layers of cake bare the colours shine showing off their vibrant hues. The use of a white cream or filler creates a break from all the colours which stops the cake from becoming too overwhelming.

By choosing a coloured cake you have the freedom to coordinate your cake with your wedding colour scheme. Match your cake colours to your bridal bouquet. You can match the colours to your bridesmaid’s dresses or choose alternating colours in the bride and grooms favourite colours, the possibilities are endless!



Drip Style Naked Wedding CakeWhen it comes to a naked drip design wedding cake the saying less is more need not apply. With perfectly placed drips that scream lick me you’ll be batting people away from your naked drip cake all night. These excessive and avant-garde cakes are truly for the out-there bride who wants it all. The careful use of decoration stops the cake from becoming too chaotic, so take a chance and embrace excess on your wedding day.


Red Velvet

Red Velvet Naked Wedding CakeAhh red. The colour of roses and hearts red is also often associated with the feeling of love. So what better place than a wedding, a celebration of love, to incorporate the colour red.

Red velvet naked cakes are a vibrant alternative to the naked cake trend allowing you to show your personality through colour.

The vibrant layers in the red velvet cake work especially well for an autumn wedding as the foliage of the trees is mirrored in the earthy red tones. Use red roses for your cake topper for a classic look or opt for strawberries, raspberries, cherries and gooseberries bring out the cakes bright berry tones.

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Passionate about writing and travel with a guilty pleasure for reading wedding blogs into the wee hours she hopes to pursue a career in a media industry that combines all of her loves. Find more of her work here.

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