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Interview: Heather from Wedding Flowers by Heather

Wedding Flowers by Heather is a great example of showcasing your product to potential customers. Let's take a closer look at her business and what it's all about.

Let's learn a little bit about your business and services you offer, can you give us a brief overview?
My business is a boutique wedding florist business, offering fresh and silk flowers for the wedding bouquets, reception, church-chapel, and home. No wedding is too small and I try to cater for all budgets.


How did you get involved in the wedding industry?
My love of flowers and design especially in the bridal section of forestry led my business into this area. For over 30 years I have specialised in weddings only. It is my passion. I do not call it work as I love what I do.

wedding-flowers-by-heather-photo 1

Do you have any kind of underlying philosophy, that guides the way you approach weddings?
Every wedding no matter how big or small is a very special day in the lives of the couple about to marry and I treat each one as if it was my own.


Do you have a unique selling point, or something that makes your business extra special?
Yes I specialize in weddings only. I handle all the work from the first appointment to the time I personally deliver the flowers on the wedding day.


In your opinion, what is it about your service that makes a wedding day extra special?
Because my business is a boutique one, I only take on the amount of work each weekend that I know I can handle. Giving my full and loving attention to every flower I touch. 

My biggest pleasure is when the bride has decided on her flowers at our first meeting and then sighs with happiness "wow now that's my flowers done, I'm so happy with what I have chosen!"
I know then I have done my job well. 

I spend at least an hour on our initial meeting, discussing every detail, asking for pictures the bride likes, and advising the best flowers for the type of wedding ceremony they have chosen, and especially for the time of year. Being on the Gold Coast our summer months can be very hot and humid and fresh flowers in some varieties can spoil very quickly. Some brides these days mix fresh flowers with the real touch everlasting silk flowers especially if they love tulips or oriental lilies which can wilt very quickly if the wedding  ceremony is a beach one.


We particularly noticed how nice the photos looked on your profile, is there an interesting story behind any of them?
All my weddings are special. I had a really interesting one last Boxing Day. Four generations of the brides family had been married on Boxing Day. Her grandparents celebrated their 60th that day, her parents their 37th Anniversary and of course the bride & groom. I have met so many beautiful people, it is with pleasure I do my best for all weddings, some brides still keep in touch and bring their children to see me years later. I find my work so rewarding!


If you could give one piece of advice to a bride (or groom) on their special day, what would it be?
My best piece of advice to brides on their wedding day, is don't worry about little things that may go wrong, only you know what you intended to do, if it doesn't happen exactly as you planned just carry on, enjoy your day, it goes too quickly. You spend months planning this wonderful day for you and your partner, take time to "Smell the Roses".


We're really excited that you've joined the My Wedding Concierge family, anything final before we sign off?
Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your website. Heather Ross…