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Business Spotlight - Fusion Photography

Fusion Photography provides Wedding Photography services all across Australia. Ben has done a great job creating a top shelf business listing on My Wedding Concierge, so today we're going to take a thoroough look, and see what we can learn.

Video Transcription

Hi there and welcome to another business spotlight video… This week we're looking at a listing created by Ben from Fusion Photography.

Now Ben has pretty much done everything right in creating his business listing, which is why I'm going to start off this video in the search results view, rather than immediately going into his profile.

You can see the when someone is  browsing through the search results, the Fusion Photography listing really stands out, you can see right away that this style of photography is alittle out of the ordinary, so in that regard he's chosen an excellent image to use as his main image.  He's also used a landscape image which means that when people view it in this thumbnail format, it displays as well as it possibly can.

If we click through to look at the Fusion Photography profile page, we can see that he's done a great job here as well for a number of reasons…

He's got the correct formatting on his phone numbers which makes it easy for people to read.

His address information is all perfectly formatted, with capital and lowercase letters in their appropriate positions.

His serviced areas is very short and concise so it's quick to absorb.

And again his services provided section is easy to understand… "Premium boutique wedding photography services" So straight away we have a strong impression of what his services are, and how they might be different from someone else.

He's got a good main description which isn't too long, but not too short either so it's not going to take forever to read, and it's nicely formatted too so it doesn't look like a big block of chunky text.

And of course he's utilised all 7 of the available images here, and  we can see when clicking through the samples he's provided, that they are all very high quality, and are all unique in some way so he's really giving us a strong and well rounded impression of the kind of work he produces.

So putting ourselves into the mind of a potential customer, this is all extremely valuable because I can immediately start to picture what my wedding photos are going to be like, and if I can imagine this style of work being a good match for me, then there's a very strong chance that I'm going to make an enquiry here.

So all in all, Ben has really taken advantage of all of the features available to him, and the result is a top quality business listing, which is really going to have a great chance of attracting customers.