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Weddings freaking you out? Try My Wedding Concierge

Is planning your wedding giving you a high blood pressure? Is it keeping you up at night worrying about how many different phone calls you'll have to make during the week, while juggling work, family, and your own sanity? Don't worry you're not alone, many brides experience serious anxiety because the reality is that planning a wedding is a massive undertaking.

The good news is that now there is a much easier way to go about planning your special day. It takes away a lot of the time wasted on the phone, and also delivers great value for money across a wide range of wedding related businesses. It's called My Wedding Concierge.

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Introducing My Wedding Concierge!

square-logoIntroducing My Wedding Concierge - literally the most incredible innovation to happen to weddings EVER!

My Wedding Concierge is an online wedding directory service with a big difference. The difference is that it solves many of the common issues experienced by people who are trying to organise a wedding.

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What is My Wedding Concierge?

So you're planning your wedding right? Well I suppose it's time to jump head first into the multitude of confusing, messy wedding directory websites out there, that all claim to make it easier for brides to plan their perfect day.

However some of you (the lucky ones) have probably started to hear things about something called My Wedding Concierge.

Naturally you're probably curious to know what it is, and you'll be glad you asked because My Wedding Concierge is going to change the way you organise your wedding, and you'll wonder how anyone ever lived without it!

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