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9 Ingenious Wedding Invitations

First impression count and your Wedding Invitations are no exception. When your guests open yours for the first time, give them something amazing! Give them an invitation which won't get thrown in the bin. Here are 9 of the most ingenius wedding invitations from around the internet.

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Gorgeous Wedding Shoes

Nothing gives a woman confidence quite like the feeling of wearing pair of stunning shoes, and the wedding day is no different! That's why we' have assembled some amazing examples of wedding day footware for you to enjoy. Imagine walking down the aisle in some of these!

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25 Awesome Autumn Wedding Ideas

As the weather turns colder mother nature creates an incredible environment for couples who are having their wedding during the Autumn/Winter months. the changing of the seasons brings with it some amazing colours, textures, and patterns which can be used to greate effect when planning the look and feel of your wedding.

Take a look at 25 Awesome Autumn Wedding Ideas to give you some creative ideas!

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Art4Play First Impressions

The hens party. Those 3 words mean many things to many people and while I have been to my fair share of hen’s nights and enjoyed seeing others squirm when a male stripper emerges, it really wasn’t what I wanted to do on my hens night.

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