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We had an amazing time hanging out with his awesome friends and gorgeous sister, enjoying all that Cape Town had to offer. He took me hiking up Table Mountain, introduced me to ostrich steaks and showed me penguins at beautiful boulders beach. Our love of helping children brought us together and after four days of returning home to Australia I booked flights back to see him.
It was the craziest thing I have ever done - just packing up and leaving to see where this would take us. I think at this stage my friends and family thought I was slightly mad going back to see this African man.

Seeing him again after being apart for so long solidified the feelings I had for him. After only five days of being with Spencer I broke every girl rule and told him that I loved him. Luckily he felt the same way and was attracted to the fact I was bold enough to be honest.

On the 5th of April he asked me out at a beautiful Italian restaurant. Two weeks later I had to fly back home. Long distance was hard for a few months but he decided to do one of the most romantic things and move his entire life to Sydney to be with me - without ever have visiting Australia! In the first few days he had to meet my entire family, 30 of my family friends and get approved by my besties.
He won them over just like he did my heart. A few months later I found myself in Kirribilli Park overlooking the harbour bridge at a romantic picnic where Spencer surprised me with huge signs asking me to marry him. My response was "Absolutely Yes!" as my best friend hid in the bushes taking not-so-inconspicuous photos of the event.
We couldn’t stop smiling and enjoyed champagne and cheese as the sun went down across the harbour. He had also organised for us to share that special occasion with my parents and we met them for dinner at The Public Dining Room at my all time favourite place – Balmoral Beach. Including my family in the night was very special to me as family is both very important to us and they have been my rock through hard times in life.

My own fairytale started when I least expected it to. When you’re doing what you love, happiness exudes from you and that attracts someone who will also share that happiness. We are looking forward to our wedding next October and are enjoying the planning and each other's company through this special time.