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When you’ve met the woman of your dreams and you’ve decided it’s time to pop the question, you might discover that there is very little advice out there for choosing a unique engagement ring. If you don’t like the idea of picking a ring out together (because you want it to be a surprise) or proposing without one (as it doesn’t feel as ‘real’), we hope that you will heed our advice.

1. Work out your budget
We are sure that you have probably heard that you should spend two to three months’ salary on a ring, but it’s important to note that this isn’t that common anymore. Instead, you should be prepared to spend four to six weeks’ salary. Just keep in mind that, in order to achieve perfection, you might have to be willing to spend a little more.

2. Get her finger size
It’s generally recommended that you don’t guess at your girlfriend’s finger size. Instead, try to ‘borrow’ one of her rings and have it sized by your jeweller. Just remember that our fingers are very rarely the same size, so the band may still need to be resized later on. Whilst you’re in her jewellery box, checkout what she likes.

3. Get her friends onside
Figure out which of your girlfriend’s friends can be trusted and which she is most likely to discuss rings with. Has she dropped any hints about the metal, cut of stone or a particular designer that she likes? If she hasn’t, the friend can always do some reconnaissance for you. One who has recently gotten engaged or married tends to be a good choice.

4. Consider your own wants
Some women want their unique engagement rings and wedding bands to match – and some couples want their wedding bands to match, too. What we’re trying to say is that, if you purchase her a rose gold band, you should consider that you might end up wearing one, too. Think about the kind of metal you would both be happy with.

5. Understand diamonds
Basically, you need to understand the 4 C’s of diamonds – the cut, clarity, colour and carat. Most people will choose a stone with a clearer colour and better clarity over one with more carats, but this all depends on how big a diamond she wants. When it comes down to the cut, however, it’s more of a personal preference on shape.

6. Don’t reject colour
These days, it has become all the rage to choose coloured stones. If she wants a diamond (or you do), it should be noted that they are available in black and yellow colourings, too...