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Being a premium member of My Wedding Concierge is so much more that just a listing within the directory (although that's pretty great on it's own), it's also access to an entire suite of services which are designed to help you and your business grow and thrive well into the future!

Here are some of the benefits you can get access to as a Premium Business Subscriber...

Premium Business Videos
Wedding Business Websites
Premium Social Media Exposure
FREE Expert Marketing Advice
1st Page in Google

Premium Business Videos


Web video is one of the most powerful online tools which can be used to great effect by businesses online. Did you know that a high quality web video can give you 51x more chance of getting a 1st page ranking in search engines like Google? As if that wasn't amazing enough, studies have shown that after watching a relevant web video customers are up to 85% more likely to make a purchase! 

Those statistics are startling, especially if you don't have any web videos working for you business yet. That's why we offer a Premium Business Video creation service for FREE so that our premium members can supercharge their directory listings, and even their own web sites to capture more customers than ever before. Normally these videos would cost $499 but we think it's important to give our premium subscribers every opportunity to capture more business.

To create your Premium Business Video simply follow these steps:

1. Visit the business video page.
2. Upload the pictures you'd like in your video.
3. Select your background music.

Once that's done we'll create your video and insert it into your business listing for you!

Remember that once created your Premium Business Video is yours to use however you like. This means you can embed it onto your own website, upload it onto your favourite social network, create a DVD and give it to potential customers, or even use it as a TV commercial! All videos are produced in full High Definition resolution (1080p) which means you'll have a broadcast quality promotional tool for your business forever.

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Premium Wedding Websites


Did you know that around 6 out of 10 business owners feel unhappy about their business website, or believe that it could be better or more useful than it currently is? Some business owners don't even have a business at all and most of the time it's because they feel that the cost of getting a high quality website up and running is simply too high.

That's why decided to give all of our premium business subscribers access to a range of options to enable them to get a premium quality website for their business, without the need to spend thousands of dollars in the process.

Our wedding business websites not only look gorgeous but come with all of the bells and whistles that you'd hope for. They're all fully responsive so they look gorgeou on any device, and they're SEO optimised so you can achieve the best possible rankings in search engines like Google. They also give you full control over the content on each page so you don't have to pay a web designer every time you want to make some minor change.

The best part is that we've got a range of pricing options designed to suit all budgets and allowing you to get a world class business website up and running for a tiny fraction of what it would cost from a commercial web developer.

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Premium Social Media Exposure


It's no secret that social media is the new buzz word for businesses all over the world. Social Media Marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to businesses because it enables them to connect with their customers (past, current and future) in a more meaningful manner. We should know as harnessing the power of Social Media is one of the ways we are able to drive so much traffic towards our wedding directory and it's something which can be turned specifically towards you and your business with incredible ease.

Over the years My Wedding Conierge has attracted an astonishing number of followers across all of the major social networks, and even some of the lesser known ones too. Together they allow us to offer our premium business subscribers another way of connecting with a huge audience of people who are actively planning their weddings both national and internationally too if required.

Our premium business subscribers love it because within a very short time a high quality piece of engaging content can be created and shared across some, or all of our available networks depending on their individual needs, creating what is essentially a firehose of attention from purchasing customers (not just tire kickers) for an instant boost for your business.

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FREE Expert Marketing Advice

We understand that not every business is alike, and sometimes you might need some more customised assistance to help your business reach it's goals. That's why we offer all of our Premium Busiess Subscribers the ability to get personalised marketing advice FREE of charge!

Give us a call or send us an email and we'll make a time to sit down and discuss your individual situation, and how we can help you and your business get where you want to go.

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1st Page in Google

Did you know that more than 96% of people find My Wedding Concierge on the first page of Google? That's a pretty impressive statistic on it's own but here's why it's so important...

Having a strong presence in search engines like Google means that we attract an incredible amount of traffic every day from qualified visitors, which basically means people who are in "buying mode". What this means is that the people who visit My Wedding Concierge aren't just looking at wedding dresses, or wedding cakes for the fun of it. They're looking because they're actively in the process of planning an upcoming wedding so they're far more likely to make a purchase as a result of visiting the directory.

Being present in the directory means that your business will get huge exposure when those visitors start looking for businesses in your category or location.

It's not something that you need to pay anything extra for either, as soon as you create your listing and it's approved, you'll automatically get immediate exposure to massive amount of people who are planning their weddings.

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