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Nu Image Photography
Nu Image Photography
Nu Image Photography
Nu Image Photography
Nu Image Photography
Nu Image Photography
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Nu Image Photography

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Photographers love their Comfort Zones… will you risk your photography by challenging them.
Many photographers are comfortable shooting at their usual locations. They shoot the same images
in these same locations all the time - it's easy to become comfortable in these situations, however,
take them away from their comfort zone and watch the perspiration appear.
I have witnessed different photographers going to pieces when it's raining, when there's too much
wind, there's no shade, their normal spot is unavailable, the bridal party is too small or too big.
Any little thing that goes wrong can really throw some photographers, particularly those with
limited experience. The issue with a wedding is, things just don't always go to plan. If you booked your photographer on the basis of their beautiful studio albums and prints, I'm pretty sure, that's what
you'll be expecting from your wedding photos too. Chances are though, many photographers can't
produce that style of photography when a little hiccup occurs - and they do occur… at almost
every wedding. So how do you protect yourself against bad photography from inexperienced photographers? Know how long they have been shooting weddings. More weddings will always equal more experience, no matter their background. Ask about different locations to those in their albums
and if they want to steer you to their regular spots some alarm bells should be ringing. You should
ask to see complete weddings, not just highlights and best offs. Ask how they handle low or fading
light, rain and wind - if they brush all that off with "It won't happen at your wedding" start to worry.
Their answers should reassure you and fill you with confidence in their ability.

If you decide on a photographer with lesser experience but you love their work - that's fine, go for it. Realistically though, you should be paying less for someone with limited experience to capture fantastic images whatever the day presents you with. You should ask about backup equipment. Any
professional will have a backup for every piece of equipment in their kit - camera body, lenses, flash
and lighting equipment. Without these backups the risks of a photographer being taken out of their comfort zone are hugely increased.